al-Qaida’s new pitchman Updated

Al-Qaida’s got it good. It doesn’t even need to pay to take out ads anymore, because CNN, working through Google, is happy to do it for them, for free.

Don’t believe me? Then check out this Google group of ads here:

Ads by Google
What’s This?

Message from Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda calls allMuslims to fight Israel

Mormon 72 Hr Survival Kit
Buy 72 Hr Kits for Everyone72 Hr Kits for Entire Family.

Is Bush Doing A Good Job?
Take Our Poll And You Can GetA Free Laptop Computer

Notice that the first one is an ad for the offerings of al-Qaida. It’s actually a CNN news transcript of one of al-qaida’s calls to destroy Israel, but its title is altered into a ‘message from al-Qaida’ and it’s done up as a public service announcement. Wally Ballou points out that Google is just the vessel for this, with certain keywords putting the ads in place, but CNN has actually written the ads with these new wordings.

For al-Qaida, this is fabulous news. They don’t even need to kidnap or behead anyone to get their message out, CNN’s happy to spread it around for them, writing ads that put al-qaida in the best reasonable light. Message indeed!

Isn’t that special?

As for Israel, which gets to read these calls for its death and destruction in the conveniently clickable format of CNN ads via Google called ‘A Message From Al-Qaida,’ well, too bad.

Here is the unrelated news story where I saw CNN out shilling for al-qaida here.

UPDATE: Look how heroic bin Laden is being made out in this CNN ad next to this unrelated news article. Is the heroicization of bin Laden beginning? First we have public service announcements for al-qaida, and now we get these flowing robe, noble leader photographs of the world’s slimest ratbag terrorist. I think there is a trend. And oh man, that bastard need to be caught, deloused, and dropped into a barrel of hot pork fat. See the CNN admiring photo ad here.

4 thoughts on “al-Qaida’s new pitchman <i>Updated</i>”

  1. I hate to defend Google, which does a lot of stupid things, but I think they are pretty blameless in this case. They take the money, the client writes the ad copy, and it is triggered by keywords in the stories. In this case, the keyword in the story was “CNN”. That triggered the little “Google ad” for CNN, but the wording of the ad was entirely the responsibility of the Commie News Network.

    When I checked the story, there was a whole new set of ads. Most of the ads seem to be for kooks and quacks, so they must be pretty inexpensive. CNN is just slumming.

    Here’s the current crop triggered by that same Chavez story:

    A New World Order: Coming
    USA & Rome Behind it. Are youReady for it? Learn Bible prophecy

    Breaking News
    Scientists say this rare teamay help cure obesity epidemic

    Feeling Old & Worn Out ?
    It’s Not Your Fault. You Just NeedTo Boost Your HGH Levels. It’s Easy

  2. I think you’re right, Wally – the culprit seems to be CNN rather than Google. I found a SECOND instance of bin laden worship and it also came from CNN – it is in the update.

    What gets my goat is that in the google ad, the lovingly written ‘message (awww) from alqaida’ was not the same headline as the CNN story being linked. That means someone rewrote it, and with a loving hand. They could have used any number of headlines but using ‘destruction of israel’ as an ad is reprehensible. A computer can’t be blamed for it, some human hand did this.

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