Campaign to end communism begins in Venezuela

It’s a majestic thing when thousands and thousands of people come out to the streets to assemble against Hugo Chavez’s communist collectivism, something he vows to consolidate in whole, on Cuba’s model, should he win December 3’s election for a third term and after that, become dictator for life.

Thousands and thousands of Venezuelans, risking their freedom, came together to support Manuel Rosales, the governor of the oil-rich anti-Chavista Zulia state, out on the Colombian border. Political leanings are hard to equivocate from country to country, due to different historic experiences, but we could probably call Rosales rightwing, even though he might be called a centrist by Latam standards. He’s telling the poor people that Chavez wants them to be poor (a fact) and he’d like to end their poverty instead.

He proposes straight cash grants from Venezuela’s oil windfall instead of slimey crony government welfare programs and Cuban doctors. He’s gonna give the poor people straight money so they can go to the doctors they’d like, instead of just castro’s. He wants to create jobs, investment and opportunity so that all of this welfare crap won’t be necessary at all. Ask any poor person if he’d like chavista soup-kitchen programs or an actual job and there is no question of how he’d answer. In any case, Rosales is to the right of Chavez and more important than that, he believes in democracy.

Zulia state’s the equivalent of Bolivia’s Santa Cruz or the Escambray Mountains of Cuba – the last holdout against communist collectivism.

Miguel went to this majestic rally of thousands in Caracas, and took tons of photos of the last remnants of Venezuelan democracy making what might be their last stand before Chavez turns Venezuela into Cubazuela. Chavez cheats at elections but they are willing to stand up for their rights anyway. It is courageous and incredible and I hope not their last stand but the greatest political upset in the history of the world.

See Miguel’s magnificent photos here.

9 thoughts on “Campaign to end communism begins in Venezuela”

  1. I pray that the people of Venezuela wake up before the nightmare really begins. They have to throw out chavez and then be ready to defend their vote to the death against the castro thugs that are probably already in place to cow them. We have to give them 110% support in this.

  2. I pray that freedom will ring in that country – that Chavez will be out and all the church bells will ring!

  3. like in that song by Rel el Vikingo “Hasta Cuando”

    “Ahora Chávez quiere hacer lo mismo que tu hiciste ,
    pero se le dificulta el pueblo se le resiste
    Venezuela no te dejes engañar
    no sean gafos se van a escachar”

  4. Just a few questions: how are those “thousands and thousands” of Rosales supporters’ freedoms threatened? Does that threat come from the same Chávez gov’t that allows freedom of the press even to the bevy of virulently right-wing, anti-Chávez media outlets?

    Also, how much cash is Rosales proposing to give the poor and working people of Venezuela, and for how long? Will it be enough so that an adequate number of doctors and comprehensive medical facilities will continue to locate themselves within these people’s communities?

    Finally, where is your proof that Chávez cheats at elections? The secretary-general of the OAS certified the results of the right-wing-sponsored 2004 recall election. So did other international observers.

    Are you just another one of those people who reflexively cries “foul!” (and/or “communist!”) anytime someone in power tries to stick up for poor and dark people?

  5. Church Secretary, el peor ciego es el que no quiere ver. You are just another in the long line of fidel/hugo useful idiots.

  6. If it were not truly sad, this would be really funny. Venezuelans are being told to reject Chavez’ “communism” and embrace Rosales, who’s an old socialist, while the most free-market oriented of the candidates is completely ignored by everybody, even by self proclaimed defenders of capitalism. To say that Rosales is some kind of right wing is a yoke. Venezuela is heading to disaster no matter who of these two socialists idiots wins in december. We’ve learned nothing, and we will pay dear our refusal to reject socialism.

    Mark my words.

  7. There are no “free markets”. All markets are regulated; the only variable is who benefits most from the regulations. Perhaps the majority of voters are rejecting neoliberal economic policies that see a few people get rich while everyone else slides into (or remains in) poverty and debt. Perhaps the bulk of the electorate knows that capitalism need not be ‘defended’ so much as shepherded and disciplined.

    But don’t worry, L.V., if the ballot box fails you, Uncle Sam will be happy to loan one of your corporate-friendly stooges a few spooks and death squads in order to set those ignorant socialists straight. You’ll just have to wait until those ‘assets’ are finished bringing freedom to Iraq. It could be just like the old days; maybe our gov’t will even send back John Negroponte.

  8. There are no free markets, but there should be. And that’s what people in Venezuela has not learned. As for the US government, I don’t think we’ll need it to “set the ignorant socialists straight”, they are a lost case and cannot be corrected. After the mess socialism has created all over the place and the millions upon millions who died as a consequence of communism, we still have true believers in the igualitarian dogma. And we already know that bombs don’t change true believers, watch Iraq and elsewhere.

    So, I expect -or rather hope- the US government does not intervene in Venezuela with the same set of failed policies they have tried in Cuba, Iraq and in any other country they have tried to “modernise”. Then, we’ll have the chance to learn our lesson our own way, and maybe, just maybe someday people will reject socialism for what it is: the deadliest and most absurd joke the human mind could invent.

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