Val on Real Clear Politics this morning!

It just came out! Val’s beautiful essay on what independent Cuban journalists in Cuba are up against – a truly extraordinary piece of writing – is up on Real Clear Politics this morning, ensuring it will be read by leading policymakers in the U.S. and all over the world and shine a powerful spotlight on the plight of Cuban journalists. This closely watched blog is literally America’s front page in the Age Of The Internet, a compilation of all the best that’s appeared in the media from the night earlier.

Val’s essay is in that “best of the best” category, and I’m so thrilled that the RCP publishers of Mark Steyn, Charles Krauthammer, Ruben Navarrette, Glenn Reynolds, David Ignatius, John McIntyre, Thomas Lifson, Larry Kudlow, Caroline Baum, Herbert Meyer, Arnold Kling, Michelle Malkin, Ed Koch, Dick Morris, William Pesek, Debra Saunders, Matt Bai, Kathleen Parker, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, George Will, Jorge Castaneda, Victor Davis Hanson, David Broder — all extremely good writers, regardless of political orientation — now include Val Prieto, too. Yeah!!!

Val’s excellence is in the heart shown in his essay. It’s in his compassion for the people of Cuba, his willingness to remember the forgotten and those who must struggle against brutal tyranny alone. He makes them not alone as he writes their stories. He’s truly done something great by using his great talent for these people who cannot get word out themselves.

Go see Val’s essay posted up there with the rest of them on Real Clear Politics here.

14 thoughts on “Val on Real Clear Politics this morning!”

  1. ***
    La verdad es dura, pero és la verdad.
    Congratulations Val on making “the big time”. Let there be more!

  2. This is a great and truthful essay. I found Val by way of Michelle Malkin this week, what a nice surprise to find all her guest bloggers.
    Last year I remember CNN doing a lap-dog puffpiece from Cuba after hurricane Katrina, basically saying that because Castro was so well prepared, there was no way Cuba could experience the same kind of disaster that New Orleans did.
    I almost hurled my shoe through the tv. The CNN bimbo delivered this information without batting an eye.
    But hey, what can we expect from the network who was in bed with Saddam?

  3. So who knows about these jailed journalists? Had they been jailed in Botha’s South Africa, Somoza’s Nicargua, Pinochet’s Chile–the media would have trumpeted the victims names to high heavens. Leave it to our own Val “El Barbaro!” to alert the world to this outrage.

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