Anti-Semitism and fidel castro

Yesterday, the subject of anti-Semitism and castro came up. Daniel suggested that maybe it was time for another post on the subject. First off, I want to make clear that anti-Semitism in Cuba is a product of fidel himself; his hero and role model was Hitler, not Stalin. Pre-castro Cuba had problems, but anti-Semitism wasn’t one of them. Cubans of all stripes are Cuban, period.

Myles Cantor has written extensively about castro and anti-Semitism. His November 2002 FrontPage Magazine article, ” The Baghdad-Havana Axis of Jew Hatred“, is a good place to start. A few excerpts:

What are Castro’s views of Israel? Last June in Havana, Castro led a rally of approximately 10,000 that protested Israeli “genocide.” The rally culminated a week of “Palestinian solidarity” activities organized by the regime.

At last September’s “World Conference against Racism” in Durban, South Africa, Castro referred to Israel’s “ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.” This March during a televised speech in Havana he referred to “revolting and brutal killings such as the ones carried out by the State of Israel…against the people of Palestine.”

… Castro has a long history of backing aggression against Israel. From sending thousands of troops to aid Syria in the 1973 Yom Kippur War through the present training of Palestinian terrorists, Castro is in the vanguard of anti-Zionist violence. (The most notorious terrorist Cuba has trained is Illich Rámirez Sánchez, a.k.a. Carlos the Jackal.)

Agustin Blazquez’s, “Castro’s anti-Semitism and the PLO” at netforcuba, details the dictators enthusiasm for Hitler’s fascism and its influence on his future terrorist activities. The 1953 attack on the Moncada Barracks was inspired by Hitler’s 1924 attack on the War Ministry in Munich which made him a national figure in Germany.

Mr. Blazquez writes, “Like Hitler and his fascists, soon after grabbing power in 1959, Castro began eliminating people by summary executions, jail, concentration camps and exile, destroying them before they could become enemies.”

If castro has any regrets, I doubt that it’s guilt for the death and destruction he’s wrought. More likely he wishes he could have talked Khrushchev into launching those missiles and is sorry that democracy will survive him.

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  1. What about Castro’s own Jewish heritage? A lot of left wing Jews know this and support him. A hard question to ponder.

  2. Mandingo, the Jewish left is more concerned with their allegiance to communism and socialism than they are Judaism or Israel. How else to explain their acceptance of the virulent anti-Semitism firmly entrenched in “activist” groups they support.

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  4. Mandingo, here you are:

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    Once it’s done let sit for a few minutes and remove jalape????and dried chilis before serving.

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  5. maybe castro’s antisemitism comes from first of all,his hate-relationship with his father,that was half jewish,and his hate of US,an allied of israel…

  6. Why would fifo be anti-semitic…? for the same reason anybody else would be anti-semitic: it’s the “chic” thing to do, for no good or apparent reason.

    Hatred of jews has always been in vogue, in one form or another, especially among Western dictatorships over the last two centuries or so. Why change it? It’s a great rallying point for wack jobs and a diversion for failed regimes. Like fifo’s.

  7. The Jewish left is what it is because its members essentially internalize their self-hatred and their unconscious shame about being Jewish. They want to be “accepted and fit in,” even if it means shunning their true, essential Jewish-ness. In this, they are no different than the America-hating moonbats of the left – all dysfunctional, marginal loser-types who prefer to bury themselves in their angst-and-guilt-filled, responsibility-avoiding collectivism.

    It is high time the leaders of the Jewish state, secular and religious, denounce these types as the turncoat Israel-haters they are, declaring them pariahs and just cutting them off, stating bluntly: “Anyone who sides with the enemies of the Jewish people and Jewish culture, whether by omission or commission, is NOT a Jew.” Call this political and cultural excommunication, if you will. Perhaps the Palestinian “brothers” will graciously take in these closet self-hating types, so they can all live peacefully, communally, and even do each other’s laundry.

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