3 thoughts on “A Resonant Cubanism: “visteme despacio, que estoy de prisa””

  1. I’m not so sure this is entirely applicable…if there had been an intruder worthy of your wrath, would it matter if you were naked (it might help…see below)? I’m reminded of the ancient Celts (Celtoiberians), from which Spaniards are descended (and by extension Cubans), who went into battle naked. I think you were just subconsciously getting in touch with your ancient roots! (This may have been a “psych-out” strategy by the Celts giving the enemy an impression of invincibility…no need for armor). You could very well have a similar advantage as the prospective intruder hesitates while trying to figure out why you are naked as you blow him away!

  2. sin intenciones de “aguar la fiesta”..i believe that “saying” comes from napoleon,the emperor,he used to say that to his “stward” or mayordomo,o como se llamaba en aquel tiempo los que ayudaban a los reyes,emperadores a vestirse,etc..etc..

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