This just in….

I just received a quick text message from Joe Papp:


We did it! I just wired the final payment this morning! More to follow. Thanks!


A huge, heartfelt thanks to all who pitched in and helped to reunite Joe and Yuliet here in the US. Ive said it before a million times, but, you guys totally totally rock.

Stand proud Babalusians, ya done a good thing indeed.

4 thoughts on “This just in….”

  1. cool! i can imagine how much excited you are, and i with you, i had similar experience.
    Be prepared with a lot of patience, do not loose your faith and think that LOVE IS STRONGER THAT ANYTHING AND WILL PREVAIL!
    Mucha suerte, un saluto a tu esposa, keep us updated!

    Congratulaciones a Val que supo actuar por lo mejor

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