We love the Czechs (Part 3)

Great article in FrontPage Magazine on what Eastern European churches are saying to the religious coddlers of fidel in the West. Here’s the introduction:

Although Western mainline church officials have refused to criticize Fidel Castro for decades, some East European Christians are now speaking out.

The head of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic is directly challenging the head of the Geneva-based World Council of Churches over his criticisms of America’s anti-Castro policy.

“From our own experiences churches in Central and Eastern Europe are aware of what it means to live under a repressive totalitarian regime of the type, which, according to our opinion, exists in Cuba,” gently chided Jitka Klubalová in her letter to World Council of Churches chief Samuel Kobia early this month. Klubalova is the general secretary of the Czech church group for Protestants. She expressed her “uneasiness” over Kobia’s stance.

Great stuff. Read all of it here.

2 thoughts on “We love the Czechs (Part 3)”

  1. If church-going Christians in the US only knew what their Donations went to, the WCC would not be long for this world ……. It’s amazing how much anti-religious left has infiltrated various christian organization to use and abuse to advance their causes… esp. the WCC which most clear thinking people saw as a SOVIET FRONT

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