15 thoughts on “Can anybody tell me why Bill Maher is still on TV?”

  1. I just have to get this off my chest.

    Bill Maher- an arrogant, invincibly ignorant idiot. His 15 minutes should have ended after 9-11.

  2. You’re right, he’s not funny. He said he was a libertarian but he liked Nader. Which never made any sense to me. But I liked his show because they’d talk about things you wouldn’t hear anywhere else on TV. But that’s about it.

  3. different strokes for different folks, i guess.. i watched him from time to time when i was back in the states.. i liked politically incorrect, especially all the different guests hed have..

  4. Bill Maher es un escatofago. I remember Ileana Ros going on the show and debated Richard Belzer from Law and Order, otro escatago. They debated the War in Iraq. Bill Maher should rename his show Politically UnAmerican if you asked me.

  5. Bill Maher is your typical Liberal. That is liberal with capital “L” before and above anything else. He found one single thing to praise Bush half-way. He said that he agrees with Bush’s policy regarding Israel, but that’s the extent of it. Everything else President Bush does (or has done)is simply idiotic and retarded … no credit deserve. “How selective” . .. Go figure!

    🙂 Melek

    “May we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”~ Eisenhower

  6. I’ve got the same problem with Maher calling himself a libertarian. He thinks being a libertarian is just being allowed to do only what Bill Maher wants to do. But liberty is a form of freedom but all freedom is not liberty. Liberty is only responsible freedon which does not tread on another’s equal right to liberty.

    It’s the screaming fire in a theatre thing that’s freedom but it sure ain’t liberty!

  7. Yeah, his way of deflecting criticism of his as a flaming red was to call himself a “libertarian.” Obviously, he’s a liberal through and through because he’s a fucking liar. And, yes, he is unfunny and rather his presentation pedestrian at best.

  8. C’mon, the guy is funny, and the only reason he is returning to HBO is because he has an audience that watches him. HBO is not Cubavision. People pay to have it.

    Don’t like him because you find him liberal, un-funny or whatever? Watch something else, then.

  9. Eduardo, read the linked post and you’ll see why I find Maher offensive. You’ll also see that HBO isn’t measured with traditional ratings so there is no telling if he really has any viewers. The fact is that Maher was on regular TV he never beat Letterman or Leno time slot. As for him being funny, I guess as Danny said different strokes for different folks but I haven’t heard him utter anything remotely funny in years.

  10. Maher is an intellectually empty suit, but he’s so full of himself, he likes to parade as a pundit.

    When Politically Incorrect first came on the air after Nightline, I watched Maher naively thinking this was a light-fare takeoff on the news …. then realized it was a platform for leftist drivel and Maher became more and more obnoxious as time went on, until they yanked him.

    And no, he’s not funny – and he’s not libertarian. He’s a left-winger and, as such, incapable of having any sense of humor.

  11. Look Jon Stewart is liberal and he’s funny as hell. This isn’t about what side of the political spectrum Maher is on. To me he’s just a self-important unfunny jackass.

  12. I find Maher very obnoxious. I heard him REALLY belittle us (exiles) during the Elian timeframe.
    I have never heard anything even remotely funny from him. If I see his ugly snout on the tube, I will not be able to change the channel quickly enough.

  13. I don’t think he’s funny… and he’s ugly. I’ve never wasted a nsec of my life watching any of his programs. :->

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