Happy Place

Because there’s nothing better than a little Cuban cheesecake after being viciously slandered by a cyber acto de repudio.


(The above is also from the powerpoint presentation I mentioned yesterday. If you havent seen it and want me to pass it along, email me.)

4 thoughts on “Happy Place”

  1. Que bombones! Que pollos! Que viejo verde…me estoy poniendo…and thanks for a second helping of Cuban Cheesecake, hermano. And go ahead, treat yourself to some man-camp this weekend…

  2. Enjoy Val! 🙂

    I wish you well, Melek
    “Slander cannot destroy an honest man – when the flood recedes the rock is there.” ~ Chinese Proverb

    p.s. How about sharing some “paisajes cubanos” with your female “audience” 🙂

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