6 thoughts on “Maybe I’m just touchy….”

  1. It’s just another version of grand theft auto vice city. I can say that if i had kids there is no way in hell that they would be playing it. But for adult stress relief after fighting traffic and aholes all day ,GTA rocks.

  2. I’m touchy too, because there is NO BALANCE when it comes to Cuban exiles. Yes, maybe Italians have the Sopranos and the Godfather, etc…, but they have balance. We, on the otherhand, are–because of the left and the Castroite propaganda that has permeated the US– depicted alternately as the “Miami Mafia,” “Rightwingers,” “hate filled,” “loonies” “Banana Republicans,” and when it suits their purpose, “gangbangers no different than an East L.A. chato or a South Bronx Latin King. And let’s not forget that “Scarface” is actually a remake of a 1930’s or 40’s movie based on Al Capone. How nice that Cubans were living in the USA for 20 years and it took the Mariel boatlift and the few criminals that came in that boatlift for Hollywood to take notice!!

  3. I gotta say, I love the movie. Will the game be as entertaining? probably not. Would I spend money to paly it? No. I only play Delta force land warrior and task force dagger anyhow. Is Tony Montana a sterotype? Yeah but so are many other characters in films. To me, it’s just entertainment. It certainly doesn’t shape my view of the Cuban people as a whole. But I can understand how someone more prone to believe anything they see on a movie or TV screen might be influenced by it.

  4. Man, Enrique Santos y Joe Ferrero from “El Vacilon” are in the radio station when Tony gets in the car. Esto es un tremendo juego, compay. All the good stuff from the Scarface wannabe, GTA:Vice City (Which also puns Miami Vice, note the intro), but In fact this IS Scarface. Instead of playing Tommy Versetti, you’re Tony Montana. plus more you could do..This offers more than what GTA:VC offers, cracker.

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