Dengue Fever in Cuba

There have been numerous news stories about Cuba’s efforts to fight Dengue Fever. By all appearances, they’re doing a lot of spraying, both ground and aerial. As usual, the communist state is demonstrating its band aid approach to problem solving. Everyone knows that adequate housing, sufficient water, sewage, and waste management systems are crucial for controlling mosquitoes. Unsanitary conditions are a leading cause of the spread of Dengue Fever.
Cubanet reports that water contaminated with sewage has been flowing in front of the Havana train station for over a year.

The flow of contaminated waters in front of the Havana train station has been a known problem for more than a year and the sewer authority has not moved a finger to make the necessary repairs in spite of their repeated complaints, say station workers.

The water flows from a backed-up septic tank, workers say, and represents a real danger of spreading disease to employees and the more than 2,000 travelers who use the station daily.

In particular, workers say, the water serves as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which are very thick around the station and which carry dengue fever, among other maladies. Lately, there has been a spike in the number of cases of dengue fever reported in the capital.

The communist regime in Cuba is irresponsibly risking the health of millions by neglecting Cuban infrastructure. The health and welfare of a country’s citizens is any government’s first responsibility. Why doesn’t the Cuban regime use some of their resources to fix Cuba’s crumbling infrastructure? Perhaps some of those 1500 or so “workers” sent to Jamaica to screw in light bulbs could be put to work repairing Cuba’s leaky pipes.


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  1. Ziva:
    No, no,no! The Cubans that died were counterrevolutionaires. If they’d listened to Castro turgid speeches and applied his insights, they wouldn’t’ve died
    On a more serious note, communists can never build or repair anything, they only know how to destroy. To allow the infrastructure to be renovated would oblige them to trust the workers not the apparaticks to do their job without some ignorant know it all bug them.
    Better for Cubans to die of dengue than marginalize a party member.


  2. Meanwhile, back at the useful idiot farm — air head academics write about Cuba’s wonderful environment, the organic farming, the healthcare…. of course they didn’t step outside revolution theme park, better known at tourist areas.

  3. yeah, costa rica figured out that spraying is the most inefficient way to control dengue, because by the point the mosquitos are adults it’s already too late. you’ve gotta get rid of stagnant water and any little place where rain water might collect (old tires, tin cans, poorly-drained ditches, etc) so the mosquitos can’t breed and lay eggs in the first place. CR has therefore been waging a very effective public information campaign that seems to have dengue under control.

    if only the castro bros. spent as much time actually solving problems as they do running their propaganda campaigns…

  4. I just came back from Cuba, and contracted Dengue as a tourist. I was eaten alive by mosquitoes at a 5* resort. I had to seek immediate medical care being apparently allergic to their bites as well. This is apparently common. I did not expect Dengue in addition to the allergic reaction, nor did I have any knowledge of the risk.

    The least they can do is warn tourists to bring DEET repellant (and/or provide it, especially at that level of resort!). I’m sure the WHO would not be pleased with the way this is being handled.

    I am lucky to have been in good health prior to this experience, and will undoubtedly recover once it has run its course. In the meantime, ironically, I was there to deliver humanitarian medical aid from Canada, and made plans to return to do the same in another 1.5 weeks. Our volunteers doing the same have little to no knowledge of the extent of the problem… so can you imagine what little other tourists know, let alone how to protect themselves? You are correct, once the word gets out, the one mainstay of the Cuban economy will be gone. I will not be the one to spread that word aside from this post, since the ones who inevitably suffer are the Cuban people. It’s a catch-22.

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