castro the drug-dealer

Fausta has a humdinger of a post on castro and Chavez’s drug dealing activities – the French and Spanish police just snagged 4 tons of pure cocaine, straight out of a Havana port that made its way from Caracas over to the Canary Islands. This is major news and needs to start getting some attention, these thugs are getting way too bold about this now.

Read the whole thing here.

7 thoughts on “castro the drug-dealer”

  1. Oh dear, I see Raul staging another Ochoa trial very soon.

    Who could it be? Some top brass disagreeing with raulito?

  2. It must be “eating him up” that he can’t get out of bed.

    On the drugs issue, both Spain and France (guatacones que son) will put up with it and continue with the “status quo.” I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame President Bush for the whole thing.

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