The enemy within

I have written on more than one occasion of my concerns about the future of this country and the West. Our greatest enemy is Islamic fascism, but there are many more internally. Radicals bent on destroying our sovereignty and merging Canada, Mexico and the US; criminal organizations allying themselves with homegrown Islamic terror cells; and the fifth column of the left in this country that will stop at nothing to defeat Bush just because he is Bush, withdraw from Iraq, pull out of our war against terrorism around the world, all without regard to any long-term consequences. If any of you have any doubts about how important the mid-term elections that are just around the corner, just view the videos in the referenced blog pages below.

I know some of you will say that I am making a big leap from a “parody” video to the Congressional elections, but I am not. This is the mind-set that will take over the Congress if we do not stand together to stop it. This is the mind-set of our enemies. Our children’s future depends on our actions today.

H/T Ace of Spades HQ, HotAir, FloppingAces, JIhadWatch

(And if that’s not enough, read this about Hizbullah in Venezuela.)

7 thoughts on “The enemy within”

  1. Yes indeed, we are at the dawn of a much larger conflict, with numerous fronts. I hope you are all steeling your nerves for what lies ahead.

    And what better posterchild of American ignorance and arrogance do we have than Bill Maher? I can think of none.

  2. Bill Maher is a comedian. Sort of like Alan Colmes, Keith Oberman or Jon Stewart. You just can’t take them too seriously.

  3. Asturiano, I beg to differ. These hypocritical blithering idiots actually think of themselves as pundits whose opinions matter. To a certain segment of the population they are the the source of news. That is why they are dangerous.

  4. I think those who really matter within the population, take seriously pundits like Howard Fineman,Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough . These “characters” are popular with college populace (who believe in a fictitious societal utopia);Once they enter the “real society/ world” and commence the earning of a real wage, paying taxes and raising a family…they will learn to just take these guys at face value (a comedic face value). They are not dangerous to our society because they are just cartoonish. Also, we must allow this kind of banter within our country…That is sort of like Fidel trying to stop somebody like Alvarez Guedes because he does not like his humor. And we all know that is wrong…very wrong.

    I am sure the McCain’s, the Bush’s of the world prefer these guys instead of having deal with the Hilaries, Russerts and Kerry’s taking political crack shots at their guys (i.e. Condi,Rumsfeld and Cheney). Those guys (Clinton and Kerry) are real pundits with political ties…And hence far more threatining to the moderate wing of the Republican party and to Independants.

    I just wish that the right could come out with their own comedians (ala Stewart-though Colbert is pretty funny, Though I believe he is a independant.) A comedian that neutralize some of liberal bias…I am not talking Jeff Foxworthy but somebody serious…

    Just my two cents…

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