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  1. Stupid article indeed, but I have to defend the Miami Herald “a little” here.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love to bash the Herald and its wonderful columnists on a regular basis, but when it comes to Cuba, their editorials are about as close to our thinking as you’re going to get from an MSM daily. It’s safe to say that the Herald is way ahead of the United States MSM curve when it comes to what’s going on in Cuba.

    I look at this as some assignment editor’s stupid decision to print a story that wasn’t even written by a Herald employee.

    Not excusing the Herald here, but trying to add a little perspective, that’s all.

  2. Robert…with all due respect…I’m tired of any “perspective” on the Herald or any other “news” agency that continually ignors the pain of a community that has been and continues to be harmed by those that run Cuba.

    How much “perspective” would be shown if the Herald printed positive stories on the good that Hilter did or how the KKK was good for the South???

    You can bet that there would be huge protests and that the Herald would come slithering out to apologize.

    Frankly, I’m sick to death of them!

  3. Mavi,

    Again, I’m not defending the article nor am I defending past Herald idiocies. I couldn’t care less about the Herald. They do a terrible job of covering local news and most of their columnists are plain awful.

    I’m just stating what has been established, which is that the Herald is one of the few MSM papers in the country, and the only one in South Florida for that matter, whose editorial board has consistently spoken out in strong terms against the Cuban regime, and who is knowledgable enough to place the blame for Cuba’s problems where it truly belongs. They got rid of Max Castro, a well-known fidel apologist, and replaced him with Carlos Alberto Montaner, who needs no introduction. One article about a trail in Bolivia does not change that, nor does the incessant blabber from some of their columnists.

    I know I’m going to get grilled here for sticking up a little for the Herald, but this is how I see it.

  4. Is the Miami Herald out of touch, or have the demographics in South Florida changed so much that they now feel courageous enough to play to their true audience?

  5. I’m with Robert – the Herald’s editorials kick ass. That’s all I read anyway, plus Pablo Bachelet, Steve Dudley, Phil Gunson, Montaner and Oppenheimer and some of the other good ones..

    Meanwhile, back to the scene of the crime: Who is the secretive financier behind ‘fundeche’ which is bankrolling this crap in Bolivia? What’s bad about it is that it’s tourism built on a lie and it’s sucking resources from the Bolivian community that could be instead engaged in productive work. What an awful thing to do to a town – who is bankrolling this?

  6. FUCK the Miami Herald, FUCK its editorials, and FUCK its anti-Cuban, anti-freedom policies (and you too, Pitts). (BTW, Robert any bowel movement is pretty much too good for it…)

  7. David Lawrence, Jr. Editor of the Miami Herald accused the Miami Cuban-American community of waging a campaign to vandalize its newspaper vending machines, claiming Cuban-Americans were taking their cues from CANF chairman, Jorge Mas Canosa. These newspaper vending machines were either burned or smeared with feces.

    Jorge Mas Canosa denied the accusations vehemently, stating that as much as Cuban-Americans in the community disagreed with the newspaper, they wouldn’t resort to such acts of vandalism.

    David Lawrence, Jr. also accused Jorge Mas Canosa and the Cuban-American community of the death threats he and other columnists had been receiving. As a result of these vandalism and death threats, (without any proof) the Miami Herald launched a virulent attack on the Cuban-American community (much more than was usual).

    During the “Wasp Network” trials, (5 of the 14-member espionage team) the prosecution brought out concrete evidence that this espionage network sought to discredit the CANF and the Miami’s Cuban exile community at large. Evidence of their vandalism towards the Miami Herald and the death threats were amply proven. MR. LAWRENCE WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR YOUR APPOLOGY!

    Overall, what can you expect from a newspaper that has columnists that also write for Cuba’s Juventud Rebelde?

  8. i forgot his name right now, super brain fart, but the herald had this one reporter years back who was really anti-cuban, prejudiced as hell.. my dad refused to subscribe to it for years back when the miami news was still around.. the herald was banned from the house, i had to literally sneak the sports page in my book bags till the news folded and it became the only rag in town..

  9. i was wrong on the name, but it WAS a george who knew the answer!!! pseudo-telekenetic something or other.. thanks, i know i can go to sleep now and stay up the whole night trying to remember the name..

  10. I am puzzeled by the picture. Bolivia adorns a monument with a giant cross for a man who espoused a godless ideology. Add to that the fact that the new commie government “exploits” his life for tourist dollars. Go figure.

  11. Baldwin, hasn’t che been diefied by the left? What better mix of symbols can you think of to completely fool the uneducated? It should be blown off that mountain like the swastika was blown of the Reichschancellery building in May 1945.

  12. George,
    Here are some quotes from a Jack Kofoed column in THE MIAMI HERALD October 5, 1965, page 11-B, titled “Miami Already Has Too Many Refugees.”
    “We are up to our armpits with Cuban refugees…As a whole, they imposed burdens, financial and otherwise…How can they be absorbed? They will add to the unemployment and welfare problems. And, how the importation of thousands of unhappy, unsettled peole, most of whom can’t speak the language, will be a blow against Communism in Cuba I am at complete loss to understand.”
    Here is another quote from a Kofoed column entitled “Cubans’ Manners Irk Their U.S. Hosts,” on November 10, 1965, page 5-E:
    “The average Miamian is not really concerned with the amount of tax money spent on refugees. He is about actions which seem quite normal to Cubans. These include playing TVs and radios at the highest possible pitch at all hours of the night, the tendency to gather in groups in the middle of sidewalks, talking loudly and refusing to move for passerby…bad driving and disregard of traffic signs and signals…crowding of three and four families in a one-family house, which in the long run is certain to turn any neighborhood into a slum. These aggravations are repeated over and over again.”
    In his column of November 3, 1977, page 6-F, Kofoed complained that he “received a blast of abusive mail. One dissident even sent a piece of toilet paper smeared with human excrement as an index of his opinion of me.”
    Kofoed was a Herald columnist for 44 years before he died in 1979.

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