How was your Tuesday?


Just about everything that could go wrong …did . And I was late getting home, and then I got stuck behind this hijo de puta.

Good thing I don’t drive a Hummer because the mood I was in, I swear he’d be picking glass out of his ass.

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  1. Dejaste saber que ese cabron esta en la ciudad equivocada?!! Next time honk your horn in an obnoxious manner. That’ll make him move…in fact every person in Miami should do that when they see a Che bumper sticker. Same thing with restuarants…Che shirt, no service. I believe in freedom of speech but you have to have limitations.(Especially in Miami).

    You think Fidel allows people to walk around with Reagan and Bush shirts in Havana? Heck, even in Mexico its against the law to fly a foreign flag in your home. Enough with the abuse of this tolerance here in the US.

  2. Asturiano, this is LA, I did honk, and yelled a few good Cuban epithets at him. Out here I assume he’s a communist idiot. If I saw this in Miami, I would really take it personally and probably would have accidentally rear ended him. Hey it happens out here all the time, I just got hit a couple of weeks ago.

  3. George, I’m still driving the rental from the above mentioned accident. Believe me, my self control was minimal. If I’d been in my own car…well, like I said, people get “bumped” out here all the time.

  4. I’m surprised the SOB’s pick-up hasn’t been vandalized….. Maybe, you should get the idiot’s driver license pulled … ANYONE with that on the car is too stupid to be allowed to drive !!!!

  5. ***

    Looks like the southbound 110 about where the second deck (HOV lanes) re-joins the level road.

    Come to think of it… It would be nice to find this comemierda and paint a target around that window… Driving in South Central L.A., almost anything is a target 🙂


  6. You nailed it Deacon, yes the traffic on the Harbor sucks, especially when it’s pushing 8PM and it still isn’t moving ##@#@!!

  7. Oh, That was LA — with the current state of California that may be a required sticker soon….. and with Villaregosa’s coziness with La Raza Nuts watch out — One of the many reasons I left So. Cal. after 27 years

  8. Hey Deacon, I like the way you think. That’s exactly where I was. Yeesh, you must spend as much time on the freeways as I do!

  9. Ziva out here in weirdness west even the gangbangers are into that @#$%^, dont ask why. California got a double scoop of fruits and nuts. I think it has to do with the weather. When I see @#$% or something realated to the far left like that I honk and flip the bird to them with gusto. It startles people because right now in my life I look very hard not my usual self. It scares them!!! and I yell #$$%^ you and drive off. I makes me feel better. I admire your control, I have to work to find it.

  10. ***

    I used to… Drove all over L.A. for many years… one of the perks of civil service-not!

    Took me almost hour and a half to get from Glendale to the West Valley tonight at 7 pm.

    I know LA County like the back of my hand.

    And polaco… his highness the mayor had a real shit fit the other day. He’s so verbally pro-labor but when The City employess walked out over pay negociations his real side showed…


  11. Just for the record, I don’t think Villaraigosa is as far left as the democrats hope he is. He came up the hard way, work, work, work. He might surprise us. I’ve said many times, and I could be wrong in this case, but I’ve lived around Mexican Americans my whole life and they are inherently conservative. That’s been my experience.

  12. I also live in LA. or Mexifornia. I’ll tell you what I recently did with a guy and a Che shirt at LA Galaxy Soccer Game. I walked upon to him and faceitiously greeted HP mexicano (who was about 24 years old) con “Buenas Noches Companero.” Then I proceeded to tell him how I just recently arrived from Havana and it was good to see an idealogue in this sea of capitalism. Of course I kick the conversation into another gear and ask him if he has read Jorge Castaneda’s “Companero?” or Taibo’s “Che?” Naturally el pendijito mexicanito no sabe lo que estoy hablando. Then I start talking to him
    about how he should embrace Che and to be the “El nuevo hombre.” Naturally he agrees and then tells me he saw the Motorcycle Diaries (Remember that cinematic piece of fiction?)
    In the end, I tell him he is doing a diservice to himself and others wearing that shirt (all in a poltical correct matter) not knowing history or politics. I also tell hime “He has to educate himself to represent!!!”

    In the end…What is my point? These guys who sport that shirt, use the bumper sticker have no f%$*in clue what they are talking about. They live in the US they earn dollars and talk smack without a hint or trace of education.

    I usually take the sarcastic, cynical and humilation route when I encounter these guys. (Incidentally my two cousins, who arrived from Camaguey last year…were with me and busting up!)

  13. Asturiano, in ten years those men you ran into will be either hard working citizens and conservative minded family men, back in Mexico, or in prison. Welcome to El Norte, it’s not easy. Unless of course our government finds a set and enforces our immigration laws!!!

  14. ***
    Ziva- He may not be as leftist and liberal as the Dems would like him to be but he’s not beneath sucking up (to) Ahhnold to get his power grab of the school district (and all that Federal money) that he wanted passed.
    I wonder what piece of his ass he sold to the Reps for it.

    Compared to the only mayor with any guts that has come along since Sam Yorty he’s a wuss. -BTW that was Richard Riordan, who in 4 years undid most of Tom Bradley’s mismanagement.

    Most M/A are conservative, hard working etc… no argument from me there.
    There are the few radical ones that give the rest of them a bad name.

    Asturiano– Most of the people that idolize che do so because it’s chic to do it. They have no frikking clue of who that bastard really was. All they see is fiction.


  15. Deacon, I agree with you about Riordan, and if you remember, school improvement was his pet project as well. His restaurant isn’t half bad either if you’re looking for an American style breakfast.

  16. Don’t know what I would’ve done if I had that moron in front of me in bumper to bumper traffic. Getting into trouble w/them, though, is not worth it.

    Reading this, my admiration and sympathies go out to you guys in Mexifornia; and my thanks to God that I didn’t move there when I had the chance.

  17. I’m as anticomunist as anyone can be. But one of the downsides of living is freedom is having to hear or see opinions that bother you. Sometimes, those opinions bother you a f…. lot.

    So why is it that some of you want to restraint other people’s freedom of expression or bump their cars or whatever?

    Freedom of expression means freedom of expression for everyone. Actually, what the First Amendment intents is to protect speech that is deeply unpopular. What is popular needs not to be protected.

    So, to restraint yourself for trying to punish someone for his/her speech is not a heroic act or anything like that. It is part of the price for living in the States and not in a third world shithole. Grow up.

    As for the Che stuff, it bothers me to see it. You see, I lived my first 32 years in communist Cuba and by the time I left I was almost crazy. But that doesn’t prevent me from understanding that most people that wear his image in this country or Europe don’t have a f….. idea of who this guy was. It is a pop image, period. Being ignorant doesn’t deserved to be “bumped” or whatever.

  18. Eduardo, lighten up. Getting stuck behind that truck for awhile, forced to look at the image was the final straw in a long frustrating day, so I was just letting off steam. No one here is suggesting taking away anyone’s right to wear or display an image, no matter how offensive. But I also have the right to express the offense and the anger such display provokes. Por favor.

  19. ***
    Ziva– I met Mr Riordan several times while working on the “Mayor’s Alliance for a Safer LA” (I still have the T-shirt!) He ran The City as a business and got things done. —Of course he pissed off the liberals.

    The Pantry’s among my favorite feed bag places in LA. Ever try Dolores on Santa Monica Blvd west of the 405?


  20. ***
    Ziva– Dolores is a cafeteria style, one of the oldest in LA, I think that it was L.A.’s first drive-in. Their specialty is these humongous cinnamon rolls made fresh in the premises. Big enough to feed 2 adults.

    Otherwise the food is average.

  21. I was in Sam’s club not long ago and saw an idiot in a che shirt. I know, a strange dichotomy. Sam’s club being the temple of capitalism that it is. We were walking towards the register when I saw it. It was one of those things that makes my stomach drop and my heart go dot and carry one. It seems he always shows up un-looked for “like the devil at prayers” (as Robert Louis Stevenson said). That image that I instantly recognize and my mind equates to “murderer!” and “criminal!” I froze just for a moment. He walked right past me and my wife kept going and no one seemed to notice or care that he was wearing the shirt but me. Then, I was angry. I wanted to say something to him. I wanted to yell, “hey, f**khead! You think that shirt is cool? Why don’t you wear a hitler shirt? Same thing a$$hole!” But I didn’t.
    Am I a coward? A chairborne ranger who’s bravery only extends from his keyboard? I don’t think so. I did my bit. I am a disabled veteran and I broke my body willingly in service to this great nation. But, is confrontation with a fool for wearing a stupid T-shirt why I did it? No. So, I just walked on. I am a proud American. Merciful, tolerant, and understanding of my fellow citizens. No matter how completely ignorant they may be. That’s the example I want the world to see. “Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedom.” Now, where have I read that before? 🙂

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