I need your Tivo

Last night I was flipping channels between the UM-FSU game and the final episode of TNT’s “Saved” and in one of those scenes that I just barely got a glimpse of in the latter, I could have sworn I saw an image of fidel castro.

If anyone out there Tivo’d or recorded the fnal episode of Saved, can you please check out the scene where the male and female paramedics are in some kind of warehouse inside what I think was a van. Look out past the front windshield of the van when they’re showing the male paramedic working on their patient. The image was in red.

I hope Im mistaken, but it did seem like an image of fidel castro.

3 thoughts on “I need your Tivo”

  1. Did you see the latest Fidel pics? Those also look pretty suspicious… they are fairly grainy — probably on purpose, to make it harder for observers to find the minute discrepancies.

    The Cuban government is seeming more like the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”: trying to pass off a dead guy as the man in charge.

    Who knows what the truth is… but with that government, you can never trust what they say. Hence my skepticism.

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