Trouble for Hugo over dead Cuban doctors

Hugo Chavez is a total weirdo. His tinfoil hat is starting to get shinier and shinier these days – must be all that jet travel.

First, he raided a local TV station, claiming it was broadcasting – I kid you not – subliminal messages in favor of his rival in the presidential campaign. If this isn’t a sign of a thug losing control, nothing is.

Then, we get to the good part: The thug started crying crocodile tears for Cuban doctors who were killed by angry locals out in the Petare slum of Caracas, Venezuela. Even though 480 Venezuelans were killed, he was only upset by the loss of the castroite doctor.

What does that mean? It probably means that his Master Below in Havana is kind of angry about it, and he’s the one person Hugo takes orders from. I am not talking about fidel, who’s probably been embalmed, but his creepy brother Raul. Raul doesn’t like the Cuban doctor program for Venezuela and news of one of their agents getting killed in the crime-infested hellhole of that part of Caracas probably got him a phone call from Raul.

What does this mean? It means that both regimes are unstable and the likelihood of their being thrown out – both by angry Venezuelans and angry Cubans – over the crazed medical care situation in both countries, is driving this.

Miguel (who actually drove me to Petare when I was in Caracas, to show me what it looked like – it was one scary slum!) has a fantastic item outlining the Chavista breakdown over Cuban doctors in this insanely fascinating post here.

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