One of the blogs that’s been on my daily read list and on the Babalu blogroll from day one is Blackfive and is in my estimation the blogosphere’s best milblog. Not only have Matt and company reported first hand accounts from military personnel currently serving War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they’ve always led the way in efforts to support our troops via campaigns and the gathering of donations for numerous groups and projects to help the families of our men and women serving our country overseas and domestically. Blackfive has strived to tell the truth about the WoT and has done so with the dignity and integrity one can expect from a great military officer.

Matt even honored me and this blog when he said “Presente!” when this humble blog ran a project called BlogCuba a few years back and has always been there in support and solidarity with our cause.

So Im honored to announce that Matt has a new book out titled “The Blog of War – Frontline Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.” I’ve already ordered my copy for if it’s anything like the fine work shown on Blackfive – and I’m absolutely sure it is – it is a must read. If you want the truth about the WoT as told by those sacrificing in service to our country, I urge you all to get your own copy of The Blog of War here.