5 thoughts on “The Onion weighs in on raul”

  1. “raul castro has responded to criticism of his performance by saying that, if the Cuban people think government is so easy, maybe they should try running the country themselves for a change.”

    Easy for him to say while they’re locking up dissidents and trying to murder children. You have to wonder how one family spawned these two sub-human bugs.

  2. I know The Onion well from the days my son attended University of Wisconsin, Madison. It was available for free everywhere (many times a thorn in the side of those liberals up there, although nobody is really safe from the onion). I can always count on it for a “carcajada”. I split my gut when I read the line about Raul letting the Cuban people govern themselves for a change. Hey, at least I can say that this kind of writing is one of the bright spots of living in this northern cultural desert, eh?

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