Delusional? Not quite. (UPDATE with vidcap!)

“Holy shit!” was what I heard George exclaim over the phone just now. “I can’t believe it!”

“I may be a little off sometimes,” I said. “But I aint crazy. I know what I saw.”

We were talking about the image I saw and wrote about in this post. Where in a scene in TNT’s new show “Saved” the camera was angled in such a way as to present, right there in living red color, an image of fidel castro for all the primetime audience to see.

I was called “delusional,” of course, because, you know, Im so paranoid and so insanely fixated on fidel castro that I must be imagining his image even while watching tv.

But George Tivo’d it for me and as soon as we can get the screencap of the scene uploaded, we’ll all see just how delusional I am. And it will serve as proof as to just how far some will go to ram fidel castro down our throats.

PItbull Update (10:14 AM): Here is the vidcap of the image straight off TiVo. We shit you not, dear readers, this is it…

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  1. Let’s all have a round of applause for StuckOnThePalmetto and his knee-jerk reaction about us cwaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzy, paranoid Cubans and our so-called fixations. Will we get an apology or a retraction? Only the Lone Ranger knows…

  2. LOL! I just wanted to make a point about these folks: they do not allow reality to intrude in their fantasy worlds…

  3. Actually, looking at that pic ‘can’ make you dillusional.

    Maybe I’m coming in late on this, but can you provide some context behind the pic and the scene?

  4. Well, I never heard The Shadow, but I did see The Lone Ranger. Neither one, however, will be able to drag an apology or a retraction out of StuckOnThePalmetto…

  5. In the scene, the back window of the car the paramedic is in is festooned with these line drawings. The one we can see clearly is fidel. I can only assume the other two great heroes are there: che and mao. Just a guess, but I know these assholes as well as I know every inch of my glorious naked body.

  6. George,

    I think, if you forward and reverse that scene slowly, you get a very brief glimpse of the asthmatic Argentinian as well. He will be to the left of fidel castro, no pun intended.


    the image of fidel castro has nothing to do with the show or its plot.

  7. In those famous words of Steve Martin and Bill Murray from that old SNL skit, “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”

    Who are the producers/directors of this show? Being TNT, isn’t that network still owned by Ted Turner? Maybe that photo is Ted’s wanking picture. DAMN THE TORPEDOES!

  8. Sickening isn’t it. What next, vamos bien billboards? They just cant resist paying homage to the leader of their utopian delusions.

  9. I just emailed them asking for the rationale behind the image as follows:

    “Any particular reason y’all had a picture of the murderer fidel castro on your final episode of “saved”?

    Nothing in the episode had anything to do with Cuba and the characters do not appear to be communists. Hence the confusion. After all, I cannot imagine that y’all would post gratuitous images of hitler, stalin, or bin laden in your show. so why fidel? are some murderers ok and others not? To quote the great Desi Arnaz, y’all got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

  10. Ventanita,

    I am not watching Saven again. I must add that it isnt about a decal in a window – this isnt a decal inthe window btw, I believe its a banner beyond the widnow – this is about subliminal messages.

    Every camera angle of every scene of every show is scrutinized and staged and planned and I can say with almost absolute certainty that whoever it was in charge of this particular shot knew perfectly well that the image of fidel castro would appear in the shot. This was planned, plain and simple.

  11. Val, I’m very well aware that the fidelito decal was not an accident. It is however a decal on the window. Look at it, you cannot see the background through the red. whomever they were saving, was a fidelito fan.

  12. ventanita,

    Again, I dont think its a decal on the window, first, because I saw the show and second, because you can see the steering wheel of the car just below the image and it would be kinda hard to drive with that bastards face in your face, no?

  13. Ventanita, what you say is obviously correct. However, where is the backstory for the owner of the car? How did they get to the situation they are in? Why is it even necessary to have that “decal” on the car in the first place? Imagine a Hitler sticker or a swastika in its place and you’ll get the drift.

  14. George:

    I think it was the Shadow

    but what do I know I started with “Dick Barton.Special Agent” on the Light Program BBC Ithink then suddenly I was switched to Clavelito not too sure how that happened; however both had to do with putting one’s hand on the radio…….

    No no no soy el de Jiguani


  15. George, I’m not defending this in the least…don’t get me wrong. It is obviously intentional, just as much as a couple months back in the Guiding Light soap opera, some Hispanic character bought a baby che shirt “to teach him that money isn’t everything”. I almost barfed, sent emails, complained…..and then silence.

    The same silence we will probably get here.

    I don’t watch saved, and certainly will not start now, but what you say is also interesting – why would this person have a fidelito decal in his back window. Some background would’ve made it “less obvious”

    Val, good eye man, I don’t know if I would’ve caught it.

  16. George,

    You have the Tivo recording of teh show, so if you could, please check the scene again and verify whether or not its a decal. Although, it doesnt really matter, fact is that thats fidel castro’s face staring at us from a nationaly broadcast tv show.

  17. Ventanita, one more thing. Using my previous example, a decal of fidel and che denotes what? Progressive thinkers, great healthcare, supporters of “the people,” revolutionaries thumbing their eye at the US. Isn’t that the media’s template? I ask again: to what purpose was the image there?

  18. I did, this morning. It’s either a decal or hand painted on the glass. How it got there is not relevant; the fact that the image is there, is.

  19. so they also had a che image? Jeez talk about over kill. To what purpose was it there? Other than free propaganda, or highlighting the healthcare issue on a paramedics show I haven’t a clue.

    Now if you excuse me all this fidelito talk has made me very hungry, so I’m moving my ass over to Dunkin Donuts, a USA piece of Americana up here (America runs on Dunkin) to be very capitalist, eat a fat laden chocolate donut and drink some coffee that probably was not fair trade. Besides they don’t hire illegals.

  20. someone needs to get a copy of the “Replacements” starring Keanu Reeves…the football movie. I watched it on TV not long ago and i’m 99% positive that in the background is a huge Castro poster for no reason and irrelevant to the film

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