Dont wait up, I’ll be late…

The 2006 NFL season officially kicks off tonight with the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers facing off against The greatest football team in the history of the world Miami Dolphins.

Tonight we’ll see what both teams are made of, with the Dolphins sporting a new QB with Culpepper and the Steelers sporting a non-motorcycle accidented backup QB with Batch. ManCamp officially opens for football season business tonight at 8:30 PM.

Needless to say, I’ll be glued to the tv tonight and most assuredly late in posting anything tomorrow morning.


8 thoughts on “Dont wait up, I’ll be late…”

  1. One of my co-workers has told me three times in the last two days that tonight is the openner. He’s like a kid at Christmas.

  2. Val-

    Ive been waiting patiently to voice a disagreement with you, now here it is:


    Had to sneak that in before our season goes downhill. We’ll be back next year though!!!

  3. Lucha Libre,

    Permit me to disagree with you in a healthy way.
    J-E-T-S suck suck suck!

    Ahhh… That felt good! The Jets don’t have satellite ears Jay Fiedler any more ( I guess that’s a positive). My favorite player on the jets if I had one was Wayne Chrebet, is he still with them?

  4. Sorry Val, it’s going to be a long year for you… Your fins got beat handily by a not so sharp Steeler team. Ben would have shredded that defense.

    I always thought Culpepper was nothing but hype without Moss and he proved this last night.

    Go Steelers!

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