Axis of Evil

For all those who pooh-poohed president Bush’s suggestion of an alliance among the terrorist states — JTA is reporting that a North Korean shipment of air-defense systems possibly ear marked for Hezbollah was intercepted en route to Syria. They were found on a ship docked in Cyprus after Interpol issued an arms-smuggling alert. Local authorities are deliberating what to do with them.

9 thoughts on “Axis of Evil”

  1. Ziva, we have to talk to these people to find out why they hate us. It must be something we’re doing, something they lack that we have that they can’t get. (–The Anti-Pitbull)

  2. G-It’s their lack of self esteem, we need to help them develop a more postive image of themselves, we need to be more inclusive. Don’t give up Anti-Pitbull! Unviva Ziva

  3. Not only that – but the ship was loaded in China and has a full crew of Ukranians. Russins: 1

    Didn’t we hear something about the Ukraine selling AD gear under the table right after the start of GWII?

  4. This does not surprise me. Hezbollah is rearming. The sad part is in the end civilians on both sides will suffer. The problem with these people is just one thing. Hate. They are overshadowed by it. WWIII here we come. “En el medio del desierto me veras bailando el Cha, Cha, Cha.” The sad part is that I think Americans aren’t ready to face the enemy. People take liberty for granted. And liberty must always be paid for in just one currency. Blood.

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