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The Real Cuba hilights yet another Miami Herald article by Oscar Corral affirming that the Herald did, in fact, know of certain reporters ties to Radio/TV Marti.

– Robert asks why there has been no outrage from local journalists over the firing of the three El Nuevo Herald reporters last week like there was when Jim DeFede got canned for a lapse in journalistic ethics.

Marc and the BBC doubt castro’s appearance at the Non-Align Movement summit in Cuba. The AP’s Anita Snow begs to differ.

– Child of the Revolution reports on a nice and tidy Havana for delegates of the Non-Aligned Movement.

– Henry posts a scathing indictment of the Miami Herald from Professor de la Cova.

An please, do check out Herald Watch, where the Miami Herald’s trapos sucios will be aired out on a regular basis.

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    WPBT and PBS receive PUBLIC AND GOVERNMENTAL FUNDS…Is the Miami Herald calling the kettle black?

    WPBT – Online News Hour January 5, 1999 “PUBLIC DISCLOSURE’
    “With adult magazine publisher Larry Flynt set to release a list of politicians who have committed adultery, Media correspondent Terence Smith and guests discuss the issues these disclosures raise for the press, politicians and the public.”

    DOYLE McMANUS, Los Angeles Times.
    TOM FIEDLER , Executive Director, Miami Herald.
    REP. THOMAS BARRETT, Democrat from Milwaukee
    LARRY SABATO, University of Virginia

    WPBT – Online News Hour October 7, 2004 “ON THE FENCE’
    “Three reporters discuss undecided voters in their respective states.”

    “Who are these undecided voters? For some answers, we turn to three political reporters in battleground states.”

    DAVID YEPSEN, The Des Moines Register.
    TOM FIELDER, The Miami Herald.
    SHARON SCHMICKLE, Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    NPR – September 12, 2006 “POLITICS”

    “Tom Fiedler, executive editor of The Miami Herald, discusses the election with Alex Chadwick.”

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