A new Poster Boy?

Has the MSM already chosen a leader for Cuba, post castros?

Lage, as architect of the modest economic reforms allowed during the harsh years after Soviet aid disappeared in the early 1990s, is admired by many would-be businesspeople. The physician has expressed support for multiparty elections as well as more latitude for Cubans to open businesses to fill a gaping void in services.

Multiparty elections? What planet are they living on?

2 thoughts on “A new Poster Boy?”

  1. It’s sickening. And implicit in their speculation that Lage may be the next leader is the notion that Cuba is really not a totalitarian country. This is the insidious idea that they are trying to forward to their readers. But, every Cuban knows that Fidel [even though he is dying] and his brother still run Cuba. All of the other “leaders” Lage, Roque, Alarcon, etc.. are figure heads who they can throw in jail at their slightest whim. None of them wheel real power, but of course to talk about that would be to admit that Cuba is not really a totalitarian country and the MSM is anathema to that reality! Since Castro usurped Cuba’s presidency 47+ years ago, the MSM has been doing nothing but calling him “president” and talking about “healthcare, “education”
    “happy Cubans who live just like you are me” etc..
    anything but the reality of that hellhole called Cuba.

  2. I’m glad the MSM is spouting this drivel.

    You know the Raul people are reading it too. Perhaps this will start (if it hasn’t already) an internal war between the Lage camp and the Raul camp and they will be fighting each other as always happens when the lead wolf is dead.

    Let the idiots in the MSM feed Raul’s insecurities.

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