Things that make you go Hmmm…

I just received word that all activities for today’s Non-Aligned Movement in Cuba have been cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow. Still waiting on confirmation and/or reasons why said activities would be so abruptly cancelled.

Any thoughts?

Update: Welcome Michele Malkin Readers! I hope you all feel free to make yourselves at home here. We’ve received no update as yet on the cancellation of the NAM activities in Cuba today, but while you’re here, Id like to introduce you to a Cuban man that dwarfs the lauded and adored by the left fidel castro. His name is Dr. Darsi Ferrer.

10 thoughts on “Things that make you go Hmmm…”

  1. There have been rumors that Castro will show up before the meeting is over. He was supposed to show up today, but maybe the makeup guy will need more than one day and now they will bring the living corpse tomorrow.

  2. ok heres what i got so far: the lunchtime news broadcast here in brasil simply reported it matter-of-factly.. no reason given, but the globo reporter speculated it may have to do with castro’s health.. now, intersting to pass along that the reporting on this summit has been very cynical towards castro here in brasil.. they showed all the renovations done to host the leaders, then they show scenes of poverty and misery.. they did a small piece on dissedents earlier this week including the damas.. they did the standard elian, where is he now piece.. they showed all the food prep for the visitors, then they showed the lines and explained the rationing system.. they even mentioned the ’embargo’ but explained how that is circumvented, and even then almost every other country in the world trades with cuba, so it really a non-issue for food shortages and the like.. then, they show old news clips of castro and lula… which leads me to think they are trying to influence the upcoming elections, showing the company that lula keeps.. if you think american politics are dirty, you aint seen nothing yet..

  3. Wow, daniel. If only we had news broadcasts like that here. There’d be no illusions about castro’s island prison then.

    As for the cancellation of the ridiculous activities at the Crooked Movement, I bet they couldn’t get animatronic fidel’s gestures to synch with his voice recording. Ha!

  4. well, its not done for altruistic reasons, thats for sure.. most of it has to do with the upcoming elections.. that being said, i did notice a difference in the way cuba/ castro were portrayed after the power shift..

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