He stands!!! The dying dictator stands up, briefly, and you’d think it was the second coming. There’s video, they say he’s gaining weight and looks great.
I’ve seen this look before; he bears the countenance of one who is dying from cancer. I wonder how many drugs, and how much makeup and botox it took to ready him for the display.

One thing we can be thankful for; this ugly mug isn’t going to sell t-shirts.

4 thoughts on “Mendacity”

  1. fidel is barely standing. If it weren’t for the rolling hospital tray table (he was holding on to) he would have fallen on his skinny ass.

    That’s a death mask he is wearing and no matter how upbeat the MSM tries to report his “recovery” “It Ain’t Gonna Change A Thing.”

  2. Did anybody see Sean Penn on Larry King last night? He was bragging about how he was in Havana last Christmas , spending time with the beast-

    Listening to him say that he had mixed feelings about castro, because he disagrees with his politics, but not with his ideals … it made me so mad-

    and then L K asking him about what he thought about the situations in the middle east, and Irak, and our troops… WHO F***ING CARES?!!!! I can tell from a mile away that the guy is stupid- sine when his “expert” opinion counts?

  3. More to the point! Did Sean Penn defy Cuban travel restrictions? What actions did the U.S. Treasury Office take with Sean Penn? Was he fined? If no, did he travel there with permission from the U.S. Government?

  4. Exactly!!! Why can’t ordinary americans travel to the island and these $^&*%^(& can? Are they special??? Why are they granted permission to go?

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