Courant’s Lightman no longer to appear on VOA

As a result of the flap over Oscar Corral’s September 8th article about Cuban-American journalists that accepted pay and appearance fees from government-funded Radio/TV Martí the Washington Bureau Chief of the Hartford Courant, David Lightman, will no longer appear on the Voice of America according to an article in today’s Courant.

You’ll remember that Lightman was named in a follow-up story by Josh Gerstein in the New York Sun . In that story Lightman tried to claim that VOA is completely different than Radio/TV Martí despite the fact that they are sister stations, are governed by the same body, and adhere to the same code of journalistic ethics. Apparently his bosses didn’t agree with Lightman about the distinction and are now requiring him to drop his moonlighting gig. A reasonable outcome, one that perhaps The Herald should have considered.

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1 thought on “Courant’s Lightman no longer to appear on VOA”

  1. Henry:

    Hmmmm “Liberal” newspapers seem to be setting up a requirement that will deny all their reporters the right to speak on Voice of America type. This seems to be a clear violation of free speech.

    By the way I sent the following to Peter Tira of Communications Director The McClatchy Company:

    The Nuevo Herald is back peddling big time, and the Miami Herald seems to be starting to attempt the same, in today’s Miami Herald editorial

    by Jesus Diaz Jr. who is the publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

    However, this is far from over, apparently the withdrawal of advertisers is generating economic pressure, and the apparent logic that Castro’s recent public attack (just before his operation) in Argentina on one of the fired reporters motivated his firing by the Herald makes the situation untenable for the present leadership of the paper, The circumstance that Editor Jesus Diaz was a Cuban Refugee only makes things worse since this makes him appear as an “Agent of Influence” of the Cuban government.

    Unless the reporters jobs are restored and there is a prompt and full apology by Jesus Diaz, not the above cited mealy mouthed apologia, both Miami Heralds may go under.

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