Dear Ms. Menendez

After reading your column in Sunday’s Herald I thought I’d drop you a note to let you know how I feel about you and what you wrote.

Ms. Menendez, you are fortunate enough to have a podium to make your opinions known. But you don’t use that podium to make the world aware of the very real injustices going on in your mother country. Instead you use your power to attack and divide your fellow Cuban-Americans. Not only that you are a one trick pony. How many times are you going to recycle that lame old story about email threats and insults? Perhaps you should have chosen a profession that doesn’t require a thick skin. Or even better, perhaps you should try to avoid insulting and alienating a large portion of your audience. You might see that people won’t hate you or call you a bitch if you stop giving them reasons to hate you and stop being a bitch.

In your column today you simplify the entire issue of the Martí Moonlighters into “taking money from the government to appear on a propaganda station.” But your own employer Jesus Diaz Jr. said in a column, also published today, that “the institutional position of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, as expressed on our editorial pages, has been to support the work and goals of Radio and TV Martí.”

Neither the Herald nor you have not provided one shred of evidence that Radio/TV Martí have been untruthful in ANY of their broadcasts. Your sarcastic comments about “communist conspiracy, complete with Castro agents, dark plots and wild accusations” are incredibly naive for someone who must certainly have at least a passing knowledge of the reach of the Castro regime into our country and community. Do the names Ana Belen Montes, Carlos Alvarez and Elsa Alvarez mean anything to you? How about the Cuban 5? Do you remember those 4 pilots shot down over the florida straits with help from Cuban spies in the US?

Perhaps you should look at yourself in the mirror and see that it’s you that needs to “grow up” and “stop acting stupid.”


Henry Gomez

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  1. Henry,

    Excellent reply. Ana Menendez is an idiot. The best way to describe her is that she is another Alisia Valdes-Rodriquez, but only worst because at least Alisia is only half-Cuban and she had the misfortune of being raised by a Castro-loving father who no doubt warped her mind, but what’s Ana Menendez’s excuse? She’s a full blooded Cuban and I’m presuming that she wasn’t brain-washed by her parents. By the way, Menendez is, also, one of these untalented and pretentious writers. I went to see her at a book presentation years ago. She was presenting this mediorce book “In Cuba I was a German Shepard.” Most recently, she wrote a book called, “Loving Che.” So you can get an idea of the kind of crap Ms. Menendez writes here is an excerpt from publisher’s weekly:

    But this package of writings “smell[ing] of dark drawers and musty rooms” reveals Teresa de la Landre’s life, from her carefree girlhood to her marriage, artistic career and impassioned affair with revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Teresa’s poetic memories, which make up the bulk of the book, are rich in sensual detail (“Ernesto… his touch like wading into a small pool only to find it deep and cool and sweet beneath the reflection”) and full of the terror and exhilaration of revolution (“After the triumph… it was the strange and dreadful excitement of a world turning, of everything staid and ordinary being swept away”).

    How sweet! What a romantic rendering of Che, isn’t it?

    Tragically, Ana Menendez is another self-hating Cuban American. She probably has her eyes set upon the New York Times and knows that she has to prove her anti-exile credentials!

    By the way, as you point out, her sarcasism over conspiracies is incredibly naive, or I would say, worst, willfully malicious.

  2. Henry,

    During the Cuban spy ring “Wasp Network” trials (Miami 2001), it was disclosed that the Cuban government had infiltrated the Cuban exile community (as far back as the 1960s) with Cuban agents.

    I have my own terminology for these people… I call them Cuban SEEDS. They are planted in the different Cuban-American communities, (including becoming U.S. citizens).

    These SEEDS grow and flourish with only ONE purpose… to attack the Cuban exile community behind their veneer or respectability and credibility. Fortunately for us, we KNOW who they are… We just need to inform the rest of the world.

  3. I wrote her an e-mail yesterday as well, maybe she’ll start to understanding that there’s plenty of room for reasonable debate without having to put anyone down, on BOTH sides.

    I doubt she’ll understand, however.

  4. I`m wondering how Ms. Menendez will feel tomorrow when the despots castro regimen is a passed bad dream. Does she think that she can sell her junk to the Cuban people in Cuba?
    She may be able to write for the descredited communist party newspaper what ever name it may have. We know that tomorrow,FREEDOM OF THE PRESS WILL exist in Cuba once the plantation owners, the castros are gone. And just like them, she will be despised, not only by the vast Cuban population in exile, but also by those who could not leave the island. What goes around—comes around.

  5. Speaking of acting stupid, Ana Menendez signed the failed petition requesting that the obnoxious Jim DeFede be rehired at the Herald. Stupid is as stupid does.

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