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The L.A.Times has an editorial today titled “From the Ground Up, Cuba is Crumbling.” While it hits the U.S.Embargo in passing a couple of times, it offers a different perspective of why the island nation is falling apart and why the regime doesn’t work:

“The problem is that the government owns everything, and people only take care of what is their own,” says another moonlighting cabdriver, Arturo, who buzzes his plastic-encased motorbike around basketball-sized craters in the asphalt where the Malecon seaside promenade meets 23rd Street. “Cubans are very clever and improvisational. We can fix anything. But there isn’t the will to do it unless it is to improve your own conditions.”

Keep reading how Cubans are resolviendo.

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  1. The Los Angeles Times can`t continue to ignore the obvious. Although its sympathies have been with the castro dictatorship since the very first and its gives historians(?) such as Edwardo Gonzalez the space to write about how ” Anti-Cubans feel that they are better” than other latin-americans…….it is becoming more difficult each day to blame ALL the ills of the castro-communist fiasco in Cuba on the so called “embargo(?)”.

  2. Hi Henry– I am not sure I am understanding the comment about how “Anti Cubans feel that they are better than other latin-americans”. Who said that? where did you read it?

    I think the LA Times will eventually learn (like many other Americans) that Castro was not good for Cuba. Eventually, the truth had to come out. I do feel it very important for the future of Cuba that no one group/political parties etc. be excluded from the rebuilding. I wish Val could expand on his comment about why he thinks “Cuba may be screwed”. Please Val could you elaborate. Thanks, Jane

  3. This is part of what I fear for when the Castro regime finally collapses. So much will have been utterly ruined and unrepairable that those who dwell or work in the buildings would have to be displaced while the whole thing is knocked down and rebuilt. The parts of Cuba Castro hasn’t ruined would have to be taken up with at least temporarily housing people, companies, and agencies formerly housed in now-condemned buildings. That’s going to put building an economy in Cuba far behind.

  4. Jane, the Los Angeles Times has a fellow by the name of Edwardo Gonzalez who recently wrote a piece on the Cuban exiles. I sorry that I left out the word castro when I wrote “the anti-Cuban”. It should have read the “anti-castro Cubans”. Mr. Gonzalez has never answered any of my mail in which I have asked him if he has ever heard of Gullermo Fariñas, Marta Roque, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and others. Mr.Gonzalez seems to feel that Cubans are too full of ourselfs. He does not seem to be bothered of the plight of the dozens of Cuban newspaper men in prison.
    But then again……what can we expect of the Los Angeles Times?
    Henry Agüeros.

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