Plastic Bags and Dengue Fever

I want you all to look at the following pictures sent to me by Stefania of Free Thoughts:



And then re-read this story I wrote last year. There are quite a few plastic bags in those containers, arent there?

Is it any wonder there is a Dengue Fever epidemic in Cuba?

You can read the whole heartbreaking letter – in Spanish – written by Dr. Darsi Ferrer that accompanied the pictures above over at El Cafe Cubano.

6 thoughts on “Plastic Bags and Dengue Fever”

  1. In 1963-1964 the soviets made a movie lauding their new colony, titled “This is Cuba!.” Of course, at the time, the infrastructure, buildings, architecture, etc depicted still looked fresh…kagaSStro had barely had time to destroy Cuba. Perhaps with these photographs, someone will be inspired to make “This is Cuba!-II” so the world can really see the “salutary” effects of the “rob-o-lution” after 47 years.

    That dying douche bag should be stuffed into a plastic bag and taken out in a trash dumpster, to the nearest landfill, when he finally kicks the bucket.

  2. The glories of socialism for all to see. Let the limousine libs live in this squalor for a while so that they can learn to really admire their hero…

  3. What does it say when a ‘government’ can not even get the trash taken care of ? Is KagaSStro too worried about a different form of “Trash”

  4. Not to mention the pot holes, ditches and standing water that also provide an ideal environment for the mosquito to breed.


    Please not on a Cuban landfill.

  5. Oh my god!!! Cubans are a finicky people by nature. They are very clean people What this @#$%^&* has forced them to live with. It has kept them sick and under his control for decades People of the world WAKE Up. He is no hero he is a devil and that is an understatment. He is a pig and a son of a bitch control freak and meglomaniac nothing more. ASSHOLe

  6. No joke I hope some one had the love in their heart to keep that man in the USA. After reading the whole story how deplorable. Sick. In human to send him back.

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