Family or The Revolution

Rick from Stuck on the Palmetto posted a great and revealing article in the Palm Beach Post by Cuban-American sports writer Carlos Frias. Frias writes about his recent visit to Cuba, and the stories are literally heart-breaking. His accounts of going to La Cabaña where his father was jailed for 2 years, visiting an old family friend who also happens to be married to the president of the neighborhood CDR, and his sick feeling upon discovering the reality of life in Cuba are among the best-written pieces I’ve read on the subject.

I’m not going to give a blow-by-blow breakdown of the article. I only urge everyone to click here and read it and let the words sink in. They speak for themselves.

There’s an accompanying slideshow which can be viewed here

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  1. This brougth tears to my eyes….when my parents went to Cuba in 99, my nieces sent a doll to her cousin Isabela, who was only 1 YO at that time….

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