One heck of a cartoon

El Mico Putumayo is finally being put in his place with this knock-em-dead political cartoon, one of the most exquisitely terrific cartoons I’ve ever seen. Who did it? We were looking around for awhile and sure enough, it was our much-admired friends in Peru, who’ve always had the Venezuelan thug’s number. We love the Peruvians!

See this kickass cartoon that beats the crap out of hugo chavez here.

3 thoughts on “One heck of a cartoon”

  1. The use of racial steriotypes is not good tactics, call the HP of Chavez something else. Are you aware that a number of Mambi were part “Indian.” Calixto Garcia’s Venezulan grandmother Maria de Los Angeles Gonzalezm from Valencia Venezuela is said to be “hija de Cacique.”

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