Oh no you don’t!


I saw the headline at Yahoo Featured, “Would fries be illegal” and this was the first thing I thought of.

Yes, I know fried food is bad for you, especially if it’s cooked in oil containing trans fats, and I personally try to avoid them. But this isn’t Cuba, and I don’t think the government has any business telling us what we can or cannot eat. We don’t need the food nazi’s guarding our health.

Speaking of eating, that delicious frita photo is courtesy of “The Three Guys from Miami“.

There are fritas and there are fritas, but you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten one that includes Glenn’s secret sauce. It’s worth buying their beautiful cookbook just to get that. Truly, the books are works of art, filled with wonderful recipes and great photos, all served up Cuban style with love and humor.

4 thoughts on “Oh no you don’t!”

  1. Amen to you.

    I’m still pissed off about prohibiting cigar smoking in bars and restaurants.

    Like I’ve said. They start banning smoking (instead of allowing businesses to cater to clientele or have designated areas). Next they’ll ban booze then food…now its trans fat. next they’ll ban meat; next they’ll ban fish;

    so we’ll have to eat organic tofu and sprouts.

    for some reason these liberal pleasure police fascists can’t accept the fact that people have a right to choose. we don’t need to be treated like children. no one has to tell me what I cannot smoke, drink, or eat. if i make bad choices, then it’s my fault. no other’s.

  2. Ziva,
    Here in Chicago they actually banned the sales Foi Gras in restaurants. In an attempt to protest the chefs are giving it away, but still serving it. The city council also wanted to pass a law that would ban anything fried in oils containing trans fat. This in an incredible bunch of idiots that should really concentrate on what they do best which is steal from the city and its people. Major Daily won’t have any of it. He says he will not enforce the law.

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