El Barbaro INDEED!!

Do we need more proof that bloggers, like Val, are beating the MSM like red-headed stepkids– like egg-sucking dogs! Val is tearing the MSM a NEW ONE !! Their pro-Castro monopoly is OVER!! Their rants and sniffles are music to my ears.

Congrats, amigo! When you get finished with that “quality time” with the ‘ole lady, just booze it up and GLOAT!


5 thoughts on “El Barbaro INDEED!!”

  1. Oh, oh. Humberto is now a contributing writer on this blog!? I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! Seriously, in a humorous vein, this means that you Humberto, have to select a nickname.

  2. It is really too bad blogs and bloggers like all of you weren’t around in March 1957 when that so-called journalist from that so-called “spewspaper” was regurgitating so much crap in the Sierra Maestra about the thankfully now-dying crapmeister.

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