I want everyone to have a Che Guevara T-Shirt

Ever since I started my web site TrenBlindado.com, I’ve gotten letters from distressed people like this one:

My name is xxx and I’m a Cuban-American living in the “Oh Sí.” I was out shopping with a friend the other day and we went into this little tiendita que se llama “Calacas.” I thought the store was very cool until I saw hanging on the wall a bandera Cubana with the picture of Che on it. I was so furious we had to leave before I said something out of place.

Here’s the thing. The Alberto Korda image of Che has always been popular but lately it’s become really, really fashionable. I mean it’s everywhere. GOOD! The more fashionable it is now, the less fashionable it will be later. The sooner everyone goes out there and buys their t-shirt, further enriching the capitalists, the sooner the fad will end and the all the Che Guevara t-shirts will be confined to the back of the closet along with Members Only jackets, skinny ties, Zubaz and leg warmers.





11 thoughts on “I want everyone to have a Che Guevara T-Shirt”

  1. Why doesn’t someone create the anti-che(shit) shirt? Display the image of the dead, shirtless che(shit), with this caption: “The good che is the dead che. If you don’t agree, be like che!”

    Or maybe a shirt honoring Felix Rodriguez? Caption: “Founder – che Hunt Club.”

    Are there copyright issues involved?

    Just some money making suggestions from a proud Capitalist Tool. Carpe diem!

  2. This is an EXCELLENT idea. If any of you out there decide to run with this idea I’ll buy one, but please make sure we have some women’s T-shirts (not just the XX2 and extra large).

    A good Che is a dead Che!

    Te la comistes.

  3. I can’t stand the che shirts. Everytime I see one it makes my blood go cold. Then, very hot! I too feel the need to excuse myself from the situation before it gets out of hand. I would love a T-shirt of the tattoo I have seen here on babalu. it is the island with ‘esperanza’ written under it. I would but one of those in a second!

  4. ACK! That mullet! I’m bliiiiind!

    Seriously, anybody else remember the egg all over the Lefties’ faces when the Berlin Wall came down, and the real story came out? Wonder what all the Che-lovers will do once the real story comes out of Cuba?

  5. R S;

    As all scoundrels have done throughout history…they’ll say “oh my goodness, we didn’t know!” they will feign innocence and sound very contrite. There will be many hipocrites. That’s what many castro lovers in Cuba will say too.

  6. Agreed, Mavi. They will be all [Butterfly McQueen]”We didn’t know nothing about no oppression, starvation, and murder.” [/Butterfly McQueen]

    Yeah, right Castro-lovers. You heard. People like the folks here kept telling you. But you didn’t listen because you care more about what some guy says than what he does. You didn’t want the stories about political prisoners, internal embargoes, and tourist apartheid to be true because that would mean that the dream of socialism is little more than a nightmare.

  7. When my sister and I were in Rome a few years ago, I was appalled at the tourist shops that sold both Christian/Vatican memorabilia and che crap at the same time. If I walked into a store and saw che, I turned around and walked out. But finally, I had to ask. “How on earth can you sell a crucifix and a che t-shirt in the same store?” I asked one clerk. She shrugged. “It sells.”

  8. I’ve confronted people time and time again about their shirts, sorry, i just couldn’t hold the fury in. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve run into people that have said “i remember you, you asked me why was I wearing that Che Guevara shirt…” lol Yeahp, that was me! :-\
    Wanna meet me? Wear a Che shirt, i’m sure i’ll find you!! lol

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