Sorry Im late…

…but I gotta go…

Im swaped at the office, folks. Blogging may be light – at least from me – for the next day or two. Consider this an open thread for any interesting links, thoughts, or beat poetry.

3 thoughts on “Sorry Im late…”

  1. To all somebody has to interview “The Mexican” Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo as completely as possible before he too is gone. Questions on El Hombrito, and general questions on the Che, and the escopeteros he knew If somebody get an interview, do tell him that “El Ingles” understands now how he saved my life at Las Pe~nas years ago, for without what he did Universo would have surely shot me.

  2. Does anyone know of a place in L.A. that makes good fritas? Since the picture the other day on Babalu, I am craving for one. I’ll trade somebody in Miami a burrito for a frita. Any takers?

  3. Don’t you love to see a hyporcit fall?

    Hypocrisy knows no ideological or party lines, but Mark Foley’s involvement in so many “children’s welfare” issues makes this a very neat and obvious example.

    This came from his webpage before they took it down

    “He authored legislation that became law — the Volunteers for Children Act — that gives volunteer organizations that work with children, such as scouting and sports groups, access to FBI fingerprint-based background checks to ensure that they are not inadvertently hiring child molesters.” (unfortunately, the voters of Florida didn’t have access to that same information before *they* ‘inadvertently hired’ a (alleged) child molester….)

    and this one, which almost writes its own punch line:

    “As technology rapidly advances, Mark feels that students should have the ability to integrate the use of computer software into their daily learning regimen.” (as long as all the cute young boys keep sending him pictures)

    No this is not about “partisan smearing”–its just clear cut case of the hypocricy that is all too commmon in our elected officials.


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