The Scapegoat?

The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald Publisher Jesus Diaz, Jr. resigns over the recent Marti Moonlighter’s smear job:

Jesús Díaz Jr. will resign today as president of the Miami Herald Media Co. and publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

The action comes amid a widening controversy over payments accepted by some El Nuevo Herald journalists for participating in U.S.-government broadcasts on Radio Martí and TV Martí.

The move, which ends a challenging and sometimes tumultuous 14 months as head of one of South Florida’s most visible and influential institutions, is effective immediately. David Landsberg, who served as general manager, takes over today as company president and publisher of both newspapers.

In a letter to readers, Díaz said the company is reversing course and will grant ”amnesty” to two El Nuevo Herald reporters and a freelance contributor who were dismissed Sept. 7 when The Miami Herald reported that they received payments under contracts with Radio Martí and TV Martí.

You can read his letter to readers here.

Update: Henry has more at Herald Watch.

12 thoughts on “The Scapegoat?”

  1. When’s Oscar Corral going to resign? It was his story, right? Do the right thing, Oscar: fall on your sword and show some integrity.

  2. I strenuously object to the headline of this post. Diaz Jr. is no scapegoat. That would imply his innocence. He was simply hoist by his own petard (as George would say).

  3. George, Oscarito cannot fall on his sword because it is made out of paper-maché. Maybe now his father will start speaking to him again after the fired reporters were reinstated with back pay.

  4. I guess the downturn in circulation started to hurt. It’s the only way to get to them. Hurt their Pockets. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. DO NOT ADVERTISE. Conductor has done a great a job spreading the word out and keeping the pressure on.

  5. WHAT a snow job! “Ambiguously communicated” … code words for “nos lo cojimos con la puerta.”

    I say GOOD RIDDANCE. Whaddya bet that before long, Diaz will get a gig (if he hasn’t already) lobbying or …. er, “consulting” for some pro-castro apologist group?

    This bit about “impartial and independent watchdogs” only applies to Val’s dog.

    And I agree with the poster ~ it’s probably circulation-related, ’cause that’s the only thing that jolts these people into response mode. Now that the herald is tightening the screws on its writers, it will become even more like Big Brother. Yuk. HeraldWatch now has lifetime job security, congrats.

  6. Please enlighten us (those of us not residing in the territorial landscape of Miami) how it comes to pass that a newspaper in ‘Miami’ has a predeliction to go ‘soft’ on the bloodsucking regime entrenched in La Habana, but go ‘hard’ on those who are opposed to such bloodsucking. Even with a ‘Cuban-American’ (born in La Habana no less) at the top of the helm.

  7. I was being wildly rhetorical with a twist of fastasy. I believe the right answer to my question is “fat fuckin’ chance.”

  8. Piruli ~

    I used to be in the same quandry as you …. Cubans who eat their own without mercy. Until I looked at the left in this country and ~ voila!

    Same dog, just a different collar.

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