15 thoughts on “October 4, 1926”

  1. Val – as a newbie to your site, I have just read today’s post and others linked to it. As I sit in my office, with cars passing outside my window and the sounds of students on the sideway, I shed tears for your beautiful portrayal of your Cuban mother. It’s a blessing that we have mothers that love us unconditionally, that teach us to be strong, and to have character. You are blessed to have your mother. And I am glad to read it.

    Cuban mothers rule! 🙂

    Many wishes to her for a wonderful birthday.

  2. Felicidades en su dia, Sra. Prieto! Y que cumpla muchos mas junto a su famila y amistades.
    Le deseo bien 🙂 Melek

    “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” ~ T.J.

  3. Val, felicidades a tu Señora Madre en su dia. Que Dios le la bendiga y cuide. Que el gran ORULA derrame toda su bendicion sobre ella. Hoy Octubre 4 es tambien Dia de Orula.

  4. Birthday Wishes to Val’s wonderful Mother.

    I didn’t like drinking milk, either. One day, Mommy opened a jar of Marachino cherries and plopped three of them in my glass of milk. Another true genius!!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Felicidades a la Sra. Prieto! Fue un placer conocerla en Cuba Nostalgia. Que cumpla muchos mas con salud, amor, y alegria. Las madres del ’26 son unicas.

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