What we do not demand

We do not demand that you give us any special treatment.
We do not demand that you apply different rules to us.
We do not demand that you kow-tow to us.
We do not demand that you hide our failings under the rug.
We do not demand that you place us on a pedestal.

What we do demand, Mr. Fiedler, is that, using your standards, you treat the Cuban-American community with the same “political correctness” and deference you use for other ethnic minorities.

We demand what you already give others but so blatantly deny us. We demand respect, sir. We demand fairness. We are not asking for much.

* * *

The Miami Herald has a long and dirty history of slapping the face of the Cuban-American community in South Florida. Beginning with Jack Kofoed, and continuing with race-baiters Leonard PItts and Carl Hiassen, and the other exemplary bigots who write for your newspaper. Until your editorial policy changes, until you, as Editor, decide that we are worthy of the same respect as any other minority, regardless of our conservative opinions, we will continue to fight the racism, bigotry, hypocrisy, and mendaciousness that has made the Herald what it is today. Change has to come through you, Mr. Fiedler, not us. We have adapted to our circumstances; now it’s your turn to adapt and learn to work with us for the common cause of liberty and freedom for Cuba and all Cubans.

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  1. Jack Kofoed is laughing with delight from his grave. Fiedler now wears Kofoed’s racist anti-Cuban mantle.

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