Are they unmarked bills, Tom?

That bastion of integrity and journalistic ethics the Miami Herald has so far avoided answering the “How did Mesa Redonda in Cuba know the Miami Herald was working on a reporters on the take from Radio Marti a week before the story was published?” question. It’s quite obvious that somebody at the “newspaper” snitched.

Of course, I wont hold my breath waiting for said response because, you know, it’s the saintly Miami Herald. I’ll lay money on the table that no Miami Herald reporter will report on any Miami Herald misdeed, especially one where it may be found that the newspaper’s leadership are whistling Dixie while some staffer forwards information to the Cuban government mainly to discredit the Cuban-American community. Who knows, perhaps the information is even being leaked by parent company McClatchy. It’d be nice for them to have a Havana bureau to serve all their newspapers across the nation, wouldnt it?

The irony of this whole thing is that while the Herald was reporting on exile journalists being on the take from the US government, it may turn out to be that some Herald journalist is actually on the take from the Castro regime.

Chihuahua Tom stated that this would be preposterous and accused some of wild speculation, but until the above question is answered, all bets are off.

Paul Crespo, one of the Marti Moonlighters, has more at Human Events Online.