13 thoughts on “The “news” has hit the big time…”

  1. I know I’m late. Busy drinking beer and watching war movies. This damn freedom! Look what it makes us do!!!

  2. Cancer is a hard way to die. That being said, it’s nowhere as hard as being in front of a firing squad while six months pregnant, starving to death in a prison, or dying of cancer in a hospital for non-Party Cubans.

  3. Maybe the planned-for Big Event of Dec. 2 will be the official funeral? It would be a shame not to use all those festive decorations, and I’ll feel plenty festive when he bites the big one.

  4. I hope the motherfucker is suffering and in agonizing pain, suffering like all of those patriots who he hauled into a stinking, feces-ridden cell, or made to stand in front of a wall unjustly facing a firing squad. No mercy, no “turn the other cheek” with him. FUCK HIM.

  5. Geez, we’ve known this for months. Time Magazine, NYT, etc are pathetic. More evidence (as if any more were needed) that the best source for information regarding Cuba is the Miami grapevine.

  6. The real question is, will his death be largely symbolic or will it be the catalyst for a greater change? He’s been out of the picture for nearly 2 months, and it seems its business as usual between our governments. No significant policy changes, nor anything else, for that matter, have occured that would be indicative of a transition. We have always believed the revolution would die with Fidel… but what if it doesn’t? God help us.

  7. I’m all choked up. He doesn’t deserve this!
    What he deserves is to be beaten to a bloody pulp, a little more every day, to ensure the most painful death possible. Also he should definitely be beaten at the Paredón. Sorry, I was daydreaming.

  8. Stomach cancer IS painful and debilitating. The drugs used to treat it can cause skin rash or itching. Either way… if he’s not in pain, he’s not comfortable!

  9. My mother died of lung cancer a little over 2 years ago… it’s not stomach cancer but it’s not much better. Even with morphine, he’s either a zombie, or in quite a bit of pain. Even if he is doped up, I’m sure he’s pained, knowing he isn’t at 100%, not as coherent as he used to be, and unable to do the things he once was. Cancer is a fucked up disease to have, even if you’re responding to treatment, and I can only hope his end comes quickly… not because I don’t want him to suffer, but every day he continues to live is another day Cuba isn’t free. He doesn’t deserve a quick end, but Cuba deserves a quicker end of him.

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