8 thoughts on “North Korea”

  1. From the Yahoo news story:

    “The North said last week it would conduct a test, sparking regional concern and frantic diplomatic efforts aimed at dissuading Pyongyang from such a move….”

    We need leaders who have the intelligence to understand that “diplomacy” is useless against power happy madmen bent on destruction, and balls enough to stop them. Are you scared yet?

  2. Que clase de loco es el tipo ese. The N. Koreans are palying with fire and they will get burnt.

    Anything new regarding fidelito’s health?

  3. “completely irresponsible act”
    – British Prime Minister Tony Blair

    “a provocative act”
    – White House spokesman Tony Snow

    We need “decisive action”
    – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

    So what are you gonna do about it???

    Here’s what were gonna do about it… yada yada yada, blah blah blah

  4. Did Madeline Albright, in one of her many less than “allBRIGHT” moments, actually believed that North Korea’s Kim Jong-il was someone to be trusted? Did Bill Clinton?
    The Clinton administration is responsible for everything that is happening with North Korea, but we’ll all know the democrats will blame the Bush administration for everything.

    Thank you President Clinton for giving North Korea Nuke capabilities…

  5. Dick Morris is right. President Bush’s handling of this situation will determine which party controls Congress after Election Day. He makes me nervous though when he says Japan needs to be armed with nukes! Am I alone here?

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