Someone took me to task yesterday for publishing a post that read:

What would you say if I told you fidel castro was dying, right now – October 6, 2006, 1:11 pm – at the fourth floor, ward G, of the CIMEQ hospital in Havana?

I was accussed of rumor mongering, link whoring and worst of all “working for the other side.”

Now, we all know and have known for some time that the bearded bastard is dying. Just looking at recent photos of fidel castro proves that he’s nothing more than a cadaver on major meds. So, obviously, the waning away of the dictator is nothing new. Yet I opted to publish the information as it was passed on to me by a trusted source because if anything, it proved exactly where fidel castro is spending his last days. And, if anything, it shows those Cuban government guys that monitor our sites – yes, they monitor our sites, they have to – that we know a thing or two about what’s going on despite their efforts to manipulate the data and information leaving the island.

Please notice that I did not say “fidel castro is dead.” We dont know if he’s dead or not and we wont know he’s dead until the regime wants us to know he’s dead. We can all get plenty of emails and correspondence from sources in Cuba saying he’s dead, but until it’s official – as in officially pronounced – it is all speculation and rumor, despite the veracity and validity of our sources.

I also opted to publish that info as it was a Friday afternoon and I figured I’d give you all some food for thought for the weekend and a needed respite from all of the negative news we have been subjected to for so long. In other words, to give everyone a little something to smile about and maybe add a little spring in your step this weekend. If that post made you call your parents or think about your family members who passed away waiting for the dictator to die, then I did my job as a writer.

Had I been link whoring as was suggested, I would have contacted the Michelle Malkins and Instapundits and Dean Esmays and other high traffic and high profile blogs to generate said traffic. I didnt, of course, because the intent behind the post was not to get more traffic. Nor was it meant to get bragging rights for beating the MSM to a story to then boast how members of the MSM are reading this blog.

If there is one thing Ive learned in these 3 years of blogging is that you cant please all the people all the time. I have been criticized, ostrasized, slandered, libeled, labeled, had cyber actos de repudios done against me and accused of everything and anything, including being in cohoots with the Cuban government. To which I can only say that the archives of this blog speak for themselves.

One thing I will say in no uncertain terms is that noone – and I mean not a single human being or entity – tells me what to publish here on Babalu. I post what I want, when I want and how I want and I am very proud of that fact. If I chose to turn this blog into a repository of information on the lives of lizards in my backyard, then that is my choice to make.

And to that person who accused me of “working for the other side” all I want to say is: Dont accuse me behind the filter of the cyber world, bring your proof and accuse me in person, to my face, like a man. And be ready to deal with the fisticuff consequences.

Ive never purported to have all the answers nor do I even know all the questions, and I have made that perfectly clear here many times. What I can tell you, however, is that I have never knowingly published any false information and have always done my best to vet everything we publish here as best we can. I have never sold my principles out for a few more visitors and to accuse me of same only speaks volumes as to you as a person and your own personal motives, ulterior or otherwise.

If you dont like what is posted here you can do one of three things: You can ignore it and move on, you can do your best to debunk it honestly, or, if you prefer, you can kiss my Cuban ass.

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  1. Well said, Val. I wouldn’t have given them a choice. I would have just said, “Kiss my Cuban ass!”

  2. ***
    Or you can say: “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way to hell”

    One thing we can say about you Val, No tienes pelos en la lengua.

  3. Since only ass kissing is allowed, and there are many who do it very well and frequently, I will take my chances in offering a discenting thought: Does the owner of Wometco Theather have the right to yell “FIRE” in the middle of the movie. It’s his theather after all. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to Lowes or to Trail.

    This reminds me of a kid on my street. Papito was his name. He owned the only bat and ball. If he wasn’t the pitcher no one could play. Anyone that didn’t like it could go and play football with the other Papito on the next block.

    I know it’s your blog and you don’t care and all your friends agree with you and tell you that you are el barbaro, etc. but I agree with LittleGator. I thought he was very positive and well meaning.

  4. Hey Val

    Here’s what i have learned about your by reading your blog, you don’t take a differing opinion well, you seem to resort to name calling and vulgarities.

    This quote by Russell says it well

    Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day.
    – Bertrand Russell



  5. Please do enlighten me as to what it hurts to let folks know where an event even the mainstream media acknowledges is happening is happening. It’s almost as if our critics here are afraid that Val is on a US Navy vessel, aiming a missile in that general direction, and that to some of you this would be a bad thing.

    If you have read this blog, you would read where Val has been waiting for years to write The Post. This was not The Post. So what’s the frickin’ harm?

  6. to that less than enlightened individuals who criticized Val. I suggest they take it up with me and leave Val alone.

    Larry Daley (Garcia-I~niguez)
    Corvallis, Oregon

  7. The reactions to opposing views on this site reminds me of Cuba, shortly after fidel came in and all hell broke loose. Those who wanted to leave Cuba becasue they did not believe in fidel were called gusanos, traitors, ect. Now those of us here who have different opinions as to what U.S. policy should be or voice a different opinion than that on this blog are also attacked, and told we should not disrespect this blog and so on. What people here fail to realize is that in a free society, like the U.S.A., people have the right to express their views. If the blog site owner does not agree with those views, then maybe, the blog owner should make this a private blog.
    Having a different point of view is not always a bad thing. One thing we all have in common is a love of Cuba and wanting an end to fidel and his thugs. This blog site does seem like a “country club” at times. Your with us, or your out kind of mentality. That’s a real shame.
    This is not an attack on anyone, this is just a point of view.

  8. to that less than enlightened individuals who criticized Val. I forwarded it from a trusted source to Val, thus I suggest they take it up with me and leave Val alone.

    Larry Daley (Garcia-I~niguez)
    Corvallis, Oregon

  9. That should have read:

    to THOSE less than enlightened individuals who criticized Val. I forwarded it from a trusted source to Val, thus I suggest they take it up with me and leave Val alone.

    It seems that there is a power struggle going on in Cuba and one might guess that Ramirito may be getting the worse of it… so we can expect more irate posts…..

    Larry Daley (Garcia-I~niguez)
    Corvallis, Oregon

  10. Hey CACubano You are right on Man!

    Val you need to disclose in your blog page what the rules are for posting, Do you welcome free thought? It seems like you diminish your position when your start bomb throwing and calling people names than don’t agree with your views



  11. I just want to say something that happened to me recently. I started receiving nasty emails after I posted my disagreement with those on this blog. I emailed Val and complained that though I had no proof this was the first time that this had happened to me. Sure enough after our communication—I received no more nasty emails! So Val YOU ARE the man!!

  12. Val,

    Your post almost had me doubled over in laughter. Visitors to your blog can try to honestly debunk your point of view? Are you kidding me?

    Many, many people have tried to have an open and honest debate here. And you busily edited or otherwise deleted their posts. And when in fact they moved on to greener pastures you and your henchmen tried to destroy Oscars blog. No honest debate can be had in this form. You locked down your blog and turned it into a chamber of echo’s which only contains mindless yes men. If you welcomed open and honest debate then why didn’t you keep an open posting format in the first place?

    I think the funniest statement was this one:

    “And to that person who accused me of ‘working for the other side’ all I want to say is: Dont accuse me behind the filter of the cyber world, bring your proof and accuse me in person, to my face, like a man. And be ready to deal with the fisticuff consequences.”

    First of all you are in your late 40’s to early 50’s, out of shape, overweight (do some sit-ups or something and lose the gigantic beer belly), and too much of a coward to actually pick up a rifle and fight the Cuban government on yourself.

    Second of all you are stating that you do not want a rational debate. You are not able to intelligently support your positions so you would rather (illegally) assault someone then to debate them. That fact speaks volumes about your character and intellect.

  13. Oh and one more thing. If you want people to accuse you in person and to your face, then why don’t you post your address and telephone number under your name? Could it be because you want it both ways?

    You are able to talk trash about people calling you names from their computer with out actually having to worry about getting into a physcial confrontation and having your ass handed to you? The answer is obviously yes.

  14. Mike,

    In case you didn’t know it there dangerous fucking people out there that would like to do more to Castro-opponents than debate them. That being said, my name is Henry Gomez and my phone and address are in the book as they say. I’d be happy to “fight you in my front yard” as Boog Sciambi says.

    Val, it’s your blog but I wouldn’t address the ridiculous accusations. Do a John Bolton and don’t acknowledge them.

  15. PS, for those of you that think that Babalu is no good, that there is no free debate here, that Val is the devil, etc. etc. why don’t you just move along? Nobody forces you to come here. What’s with the obsession John Bishop? Just go away and start your own blog where you can set your own rules.

  16. Hey Henry Gomez

    Here’s my questions to you or val

    Where are the rules for posting?

    Is free thought welcome in this blog?

    Can we disagreee without the need of fighting in the front yard?


  17. Again I say, what’s the big deal about posting where Castro is dying in Cuba? Who really has cause to be upset about that? Why all the screeching? It’s a hospital room. It’s THE FOURTH FLOOR WARD G AT THE CIMEQ HOSPITAL IN HAVANA. Why the concern about Fidel Castro’s privacy? HIPAA doesn’t apply in Cuba, so what’s the big deal?

  18. “you can kiss my Cuban ass.” ???

    “Be ready to face the fisticuff consequences.” ???

    “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way to hell.” ???

    “to that less than enlightened individuals . .. ” [sic] ???

    “I’d be happy to fight you in my front yard.” ???

    I humbly apologize. In the past I had read several posts here that were well written, articulate and informative. I had a very favorable impression of your blog. Hence, a day or two ago, I contributed a sincere comment under the mistaken impression that this was a blog where thoughts could be shared and ideas examined. A place where intellingent people wrote about something they truly cared about.

    The posts over the last couple of days have brought me to the realization that I was mistaken. It is really just a club where one must swear an oath of allegiance to Val “El Barbaro, etc.” and, others need not apply.

    Apparently, admission requires that you check your brain at the door, read the posts, agree and adulate. “Yes boss, you is right boss, you so smart boss.”

    As a thinking person, I cannot do that. Hence, I am told “there is the door,” “hit the back button, or “fight you in my front yard.” It reminds me of recess in elementary school. I must say that I am dissappointed. I’ll go ahead, take your advise, and hit the back button.

    From time to time I may check back in to see whether my initial favorable impression was completely mistaken. I hope not. There is quite a bit of potential here. But, it is going unrealized. You can do better, and given the merits and righteousness of your cause, you should do better.

  19. I applauded you Little Gator great comment. Well Said my friend is obvious here in BabaluLand you need a KissAss Card to be Val’s kiss ass friend,Sorry, but from where I see it Val’s wants to be everybody’s big Papa. Val learn to take criticism like an adult not like a bully.

  20. Well, LittleGator, let’s face facts here – this IS a blog that is FOR the Cuban people and AGAINST the bearded blunderer. As far as I’m concerned, there are a few people that I believe SHOULD not live or have lived, and I will celebrate when this particular idiot is gone.

    On a more general note, you will by now, of course, have noticed that most people DO get a bit upset when someone strongly disagrees with their most sacred beliefs. I guess if I went to hollywood and protested against actors and acting, I might get – well, probably not a wonderful reception, hey? Well, you get my drift.

    I’ve disagreed with a few things here, though not many. However, it’s Val’s blog, not mine. If I wanted to go through all of the trouble to set one up and maintain it, I could post anything I wanted. And really, isn’t that the point? Val can, and so can you. But what about those folks still held captive on that island called Cuba? They can’t even have an opinion of their very own.

    So yes, you may have upset a few folks here. And they have every right to be upset, just as you have every right to post what you did. What a country, huh?

  21. Haha, oye Val, ésta gentusa habla como si tu no pagaras el hosting de este sitio. Como si esto fuera public ownership over the means of blogging production. Haha. Ñó, que risa.

  22. Val remind me of Cindy Sheehan whining disgrace of a human being,is definitly retarded.Val should be buried in SHIT. Fuck you, and your kiss ass supporters.Val’s arguments are so low and shallow, like his brainpower.If he wants to respond to me using another thread, let him.Your one and only reason for the circus you started was to get that ugly mug on people faces and keep it there as long as you can you freak! The way you are dishonoring your readers is inexcusable and I for one will never give you a break in any way shape or form. Stop your pole sucking now while you just may have a chance to revert back to a real human being and finally let your reader exercise free expression otherwise make this blog private.These people are mature adults with different views learn to accept that…..You need to be civil by just shutting the hell up and listen to your readers.

  23. Hmmm one might say that many of these post are merely the work of ideologically motivated trolls. Thus perhaps we should send regards to Phillip Agee, Arnold August, Ramirito, Taladrid etc, etc.; except may be it is wise not to bother them since they are rumored to be busy protecting their own “rabadilla.”

  24. You trolls remind me of dogs, and gang-bangers, pissing all over the place, leaving graffiti. Your spamming here speaks for itself. Someone asked what the rules are–here’s one for you; blogs are privately owned and as such the owner determines the content, so if you don’t like the content here, like El Barbaro said, you can kiss our Cuban asses and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And since you have so much to say, why don’t you start your own blogs.

  25. Freedom of speech includes Val’s… without the need for coarse language and personal attacks if you disagree. A statement of “informed fact” was issued, no more, no less. I don’t see any objection to differing opinions on here; and the desire to have them respectfully expressed is not unreasonable at all.
    It’s one thing to disagree and express opinion, another to resort to flaming. There’s been some on both sides at this point, and I have to agree with one comment wholeheartedly; “Start your own blogs” if you seriously disagree rather than hijacking this one. It’s always easier to criticize others than put yourself in the firing line. While I may not agree with everything, I also have the choice to read it, and NOT respond. There is no requirement to respond if you feel differently about a post. That is also a freedom we all have… the right to silence…

  26. Anybody else not have heard jacksprat from CubanHellraiser or LilGator before Val violated pooor widdle kastwows pwivacy?

  27. Folks,

    I have given all of these character assasinators a podium to prove themselves. Let’s see what they have to say and what is offered as proof of their allegations.

  28. Ok boys and girs…. As my mother used to say:
    Es hora de que se dejen de comer de la que pica el pollo y se pongan pa’las cosas… hay un pueblo por liberal y ustedes discutiendo por boberias como malos hermanos.

    Seriously, considering that most of you leave Cuba at a very young age, I admire all of you and what you do here… So keep it on the good track..

  29. Vic,

    thank you and I appreciate your comment and opinion. Unfortunately, since the integrity of this blog – and by proxy mine and all the contributors as well as the countless hours of work we have done here – is being called into question, I cannot ignore what has been exporessed here nor do I think I should.

    I urge every one that expressed their neagative opinions and thoughts here in this thread to go here:

    and offer proof of their allegations.

    We are all waiting.

  30. Congratulations Val, you HIT the BIG nerve!

    Speculation over fidel castro’s health has been the talk of the town since the late 1990s. New (exile) arrivals, many with close connections to the maximum murderer himself, have voiced the fact that castro’s health is not as good as the government lets out. For the past several years, anytime fidel traveled abroad he brought along an entourage of doctors and nurses. He also demanded an ambulance to follow everywhere he went. In addition, believe it or not, he never used a toilet when traveling abroad. All his bodily FUNCTIONS were collected by the secret police and sent back to Cuba. Is this normal? I don’t think so! It’s a dead giveaway that something was wrong with the dictator in chief. Castro wasn’t taking any chances on his illness being diagnosed.

    There have been many signs of castro deterioration. I remember well when “on June 23, 2001, Castro fainted while delivering a speech in El Cotorro, near Havana.” The MSM attributed it to the “sun” and the “heat.” castro, however, claimed the following “I didn’t sleep last night, looking for papers, figures and all that, but I’m alright.” At the time, the Cuban exile community speculated that castro had one of the following: Parkinson’s disease, heart problems, or cancer. (My own personal opinion is that it was during this time that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had perhaps begun his cancer treatment. Life expectancy for stomach cancer is averaged at 5 years. Do the math. 2006 – 2001 = 5).

    I also remember when the month before in April of 2001, fidel “lost his train of thought while delivering a speech commemorating the Bay of Pigs invasion. In that speech, he fumbled through papers, unable to locate some pieces of information.”

    “In another incident, he went blank in front of television cameras in the municipality of Las Palmas in Pinar del Rio.”

    There have been many other incidences… too many to comment on.

    As to your question Val “What would you say if I told you fidel castro was dying, right now – October 6, 2006, 1:11 pm – at the fourth floor, ward G, of the CIMEQ hospital in Havana?” I would tell you that you’re absolutely right, that fidel is on OBJECT 20, fourth floor, ward G, of the CIMEQ hospital in Havana and that if my calculations are correct he doesn’t have much to live.

  31. Ray, Mike, et al,

    The fighting in the front yard comment was a joke. If you don’t know who Boog Sciambi is and don’t get it then that’s yoru problem. But why would anyone want Val to post his address and phone? Think about it. Val doesn’t hide his identity like many bloggers do. It can’t be that hard to find him. What are you going to do “debate” him in his front yard?


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