Will you help these people?

I have heard baseless rumors as to the death of fidel, or at least as to his aliveness haunting some hospital ward. Who cares if you can cut his real life line? That is right, by helping the people below you can actually help hasten the demise of the Cuban regime by removing from office in Venezuela huguito, the guy that fidel has been pimping for about 7 years now.

This past Saturday Rosales launched his Caracas campaign to unseat Chavez and it was a success. Not yet perhaps the huge marches of the 2003-2004 protests, but after 2 years of anesthesia, internal dissension, Chavez abuses of power, buying votes and what not, the Venezuelan opposition has started putting its shit together and is mounting an electoral bid that few would have believed possible a mere three months ago.

This picture is far from the main stage, at the crossing of Los Jabillos and Libertador, and was sent to me by a reader of my blog. I thought that it had a “je ne sais quoi” of Miami block party flair and I decided to give it to Babalu’s readers. Yes, I want Babalu readers to take some more active action to unseat Chavez because, well, that is the best way to speed up the end of Cuba as we know it. You can do all sorts of things, from giving money to the Rosales campaign (I am not too sure how you can do that from Miami but there is already enough of a Venezuelan exile there that you could figure out a way), to haunt pro Chavez pages, to attend elections at the Venezuelan consulate to show support for those who will go an vote there on December 3, and all sorts of things that creative readers of Babalu can do. OK, so it is a crass appeal, but what else can you do right now besides waiting for his aliveness to kick the bed-pan once and for all?

Meanwhile if you want to read more about the Saturday event in Caracas you can go here, here and here, and you can read how the Rosales campaign is shaping here and at Vcrisis, where for the first time in Venezuelan history a blogger, Alek Boyd, is allowed close to a major candidate in a Venezuelan election. On the other hand you can also read about the creativity in huguito campaign here.

8 thoughts on “Will you help these people?”

  1. I saw the pictures of the March and I was impressed by the attendance of so many. I hope you dont mind my saying, but this is probably your last chance to avoid teh same fate as Cuba.

  2. If Rosales wins, how much power would he have as Venezuela president to cut-off oil to Cuba and send the Cuban agents in Venezuala packing?

    Will he need ‘legislative’ support (mostly all Chavistas in there, is it not?), or will he inherit same ‘usurped’ powers of the Executive branch as Chavez has already institutionalized for himself – that he (Rosales) can then use to UNDO all the crap he’s done in the last 8 years?

  3. Piruli

    The advantage of an autocratic system is that when the head rolls, all comes crashing with him. Thinking of the National Assembly as a genuine parliament in Venezuela that represents the people is a mistake. IF Chavez loses (and surrenders office, another matter altogether) dealing with the reamins might not be as difficult as thought. Rosales would inherit a strong presidential system and if the chavistas left do not cooperate some he can call for a constitutional assembly and sweep all away.

    Me thinks that many chavistas will be more than willing to collaborate, at least for the first months until they reorganize.

  4. Daniel,

    Do you think he’ll surrender the office if he does lose? He’s armed himself so well that this just has military coup written all over it.

    Good to see so many Venezuelans demonstrating support for Rosales. Here’s hoping for a miracle in December.

  5. Daniel, tks for the insight. I fully agree that the road to a Cuba Libre runs from Zulia through Caracas to La Habana.

  6. I want to know what the opposition is planning to do to prevent Chavez from stealing the presidency. Being that is he’s president and has control of the system, it seems to me that this will be difficult to check on your part.

  7. Please keep ex-President Jimmy Carter out of this election process COMPLETELY! You don’t need his “Center to Promote Communism” to validate another stolen election.

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