What would you say…. (Updated)

…if I told you that one local newspaper – whose initials are similar to Mierda Hervida – has a certain reporter – whose initials are similar to Odiferous Caca – whom, not content with his recent mockery of a non-story that led to several, how shall we say, absurd actions/reactions and retractions from said newspaper mentioned above, is, and I quote, “obsessively” working on yet another asshaterous expose mentioning a certain educational institution – whose initials are similar to Uncompromisingly Massive – and a certain program within said institution that deals with a certain island in the caribbean and that is funded by a certain government under which said institution is governed?

Moreover, if I told you that said reporter mentioned above – whose initials are similar to Olfactorally Careless – given his recent well deserved castigation by certain parties within the community said reporter supposedly is a member of, had not the fortitude of intestinal quality to contact or question certain parties for said asshaterous expose directly, but did, in fact, resort to using a surrogate interrogator, whom also happens to be a signatory of a certain letter from a certain group – whose initials are similar to Emulsified Nepotistic Cadre of Assibilating Subversive Anuses – would you believe me?


Update: Herald Watch: concise and to the point.

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  1. Hell yes I’d believe you, in fact I’ve been wondering what said reporter whose initials are similar to odious coward has been up to lately.

  2. I hear that a certain Obedient Canine who has been digging himself a hole for two years has had to bury his bone because some chihuhuas were after him.they didn’t like where he was digging so he and his owner had to turn tail and run. I can’t believe that they’re actually thinking of starting to dig again. theyre just jealous that the big dog whith the bushy tail is been giving the chihuahuas way too much food. I would believe anything fabout those poodles.

  3. Wow …. so that’s where the rat’s hiding.

    You know, for a number of years I’ve wondered with amazement how that educational institution (where I used to attend, by the way) had managed to have such a scholarly program survive amidst the hostility of the local brownshirt elites and the usual moonbat infiltrados. It’s been a great source of study, and has succeeded in exposing the debacle 90 miles away while maintaining its credibility in debates and written materials.

    Unlike similar “ethnic” studies in other places, this one cranks out a great deal of FACTS (what a novel idea) for a change. It’s also populated with a number of reputable historians and clera thinkers ~ not perfect, but good.

    This one is going to be veeeeeeeery interesting … another assault on the truth. But a warning to the rat: the law school has a lot of very loyal alumni in local practice. Be very, very careful. They are …. NOT nice.

    The Enquirer may be a more suitable venue for you; ‘d be a perfect match for you.

  4. I would ask “what lies behind this intrepid reporter?” Who is OC? And, what are his motives?

    Does he believe that he is engaged in honest journalistic inquiry? In the alternative, is he intentionally setting out to discredit opponents of the tyranny with innuendo, non sequiturs and half truths? Or, is he just naive, inexperienced (and not to smart) so that he is being used by others to carry out their evil plot?

    The Radio/TV Marti story was poorly thought out, ineptly researched and so full of holes it would make a Dunkin’ Donuts shop proud. That has been fully analyzed in this blog and by others, so no need to repeat the whole thing. But, the bottom line is that the story was clearly intended only to harm the reputation of those targetted in the article. There could be no other reasonable explanation for such journalistic shoddiness.

    So back to my question(s). Is he deluded? Is he intentionally evil? Or, is he a dupe?

    What do you think?

  5. LG: Looks to me like the rat’s probably become obsessed with the subject, a la Bob Woodward; keeps beating it to death and beyond. In his madness, he thinks this a good career move. So you may be right that he’s sold out to the highest bidder (God knows there are lots of nefarious characters with money around). But my warning stands ….. watch out for the alumni, if you’re trying to do a smear job.

    My simpler mind tells me the dude just needs a LIFE.

  6. Incredible! So Oscar Corral is going to investigate Jaime Suchlicki and the Cuba Transition Project at University of Miami! Of course, the radicalized Latin American and Caribbean Studies Programs in Universities around the country that go to Cuba [or used to before the new federal restrictions went into effect] and invite with our tax dollars visiting “professors” [read this as propagandists] from Cuba are not worthy of any type of investigation! [NO WAY!] I say that Cuban Americans continue to cancel their subscriptions to the Miami Herald!

    The rag is unrependant and openly hostile to us. Whoever heard of a home newspaper that attacks its home readers constantly and spends all of its time raking mud on them?? This is really sick!

  7. Que paso? What happened, I can’t link to the Herald Watch, from this post or from the link at the top right hand corner.

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