12 thoughts on “Why liberals piss me off (Part deux)”

  1. This is what bothers me about the shouting-down of global warming skeptics: Confirmation bias.

    I live in Texas, so I may have gotten more exposure to the story than most of y’all—but do you remember the cases of spina bifida and anencephaly that were happening to mostly poor Mexican-Americans living on the Texas-Mexico border?

    For years and years the press ran with the story that it had to do with pollution caused by factories on the border.Factories were sued, much agitation was made aginst these factories, and then a year or two ago, after a decade of study, the conclusion was made as to the cause.

    The corn-heavy diet of the Mexican-American women on the border exposed them to a mold that can grow on corn in unusually wet years, producing a toxin that keeps one from absorbing folic acid—hence the birth defects.The factories were completely innocent (unless they were tortilla factories).

    The headlines? “Corn products are now considered risky during pregnancy”—no mention of the lawsuits and the blame the factories took.

    Global warming is like anencephalic babies on the border: A shiny, already-hated target can distract activists and elements of the scientific community from what may be the real cause.

    And when the “oops, we were wrong” comes down years and decades later, it’s printed on Page A-15 and nobody who lost out from being unfairly blamed will get a red cent of their money back.

  2. Well, very lovely from Gore. I thought democracy and freedom of speech meant respecting the opinion of people who don’t share your point of view. Lovely from Gore, make you think that it was fortunate he lost against Bush.

  3. Al Gore should be the first to be hauled by his own petard if this loon-toon kangaroo court “idea” were to be implemented because every time he opens his mouth, he spews a goodly amount of methane into the atmosphere.

    It is good to publicize this – shows the irrational and borderline insane nature of these pseudointellectual pseudoscientists and reminds us to roll up our sleeves and get to work stopping their insanity – they hypocritically claim to be acting in the interest of humankind. In fact, humankind must be saved from these lunatics.

  4. For Heaven’s sake!

    Will this man ever go AWAY? He was useless as a politician, a non descript vice-president, a stupid human being, and has a voice that gets on my nerves.

  5. Talk about Religious cults…..Most of these guys aren’t smart enough to figure thier way out of a paper bag..

    Many of the scientists advocating GW hysteria aren’t even trained climotologisists….. it’s like seeing a proctologist for your toothache !!!

  6. The sad thing is that the MSM accepts this BS uncritically and without airing both sides of the debate. There are lots of scientists, including Ph.D. climatologists, who think its hogwash. The other day, a cable news anchor was arguing with a climatologist and using the movie “The Day after Tomorrow” as part of his argument in saying global warming was real! That’s not only scarily stupid, it’s downright irresponsible for news outlet.

    On your other comment, and based on some of the assholes who have left comments lately (present company excluded, of course), some of them may just have to hire a proctologist to check their mouths…

  7. Why isn’t it in the least bit suspicious that the causes of global warming *just by sheer chance* happen to be the favorite bogeymen of the Left—Americans, corporations, SUV drivers, smoking, large-scale agriculture…?

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