3 thoughts on “At What Price? (Updated)”

  1. Well here is another ambiguity. Fist we hear that the US government will start going after embargo violators more aggressively. And then the US costguard is saving fidel millions of dollars guarding his cost and sending back all those cubans that have the guts of risk their lives leaving an oppressive regime. Who will fine the costguard? My personal point of view is that they are also violators of the embargo.

    Fidel must be laughing in his deathbed.

  2. Thousands, more thousands and even more thousands attempting to escape an Island in chains year in and year out. And still we see and hear the Jessie Jacksons and Maxine Waters of the United States defending the castro dictaorship and turning there backs on the Cuban people, especially the black Cuban people who are suffering the failure of a Revolucion that was a farce from the very begining.

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