Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

I read somewhere this past week where most trains have been stagnant in Cuba for some time (I’ll post the link if I can find it) which leads me to wonder why Cuba has made a deal with Iran for the import of 250 freight train carriages:

Iran to export 100 freight train carriages to Cuba

TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – Iran is planning to export 100 freight train wagons to Cuba.

Exports Development Bank of Iran (EDBI) has financed 85 percent of the seven-million-euro contract on the export of 100 freight train wagons from Iran to Cuba, the MNA reported here on Wednesday.

Earlier, the bank had undertaken to finance the export of 250 freight train carriages including 100 cement carrier and 150 trailer wagons to the Latin American nation.

EDBI has previously financed a number of foreign technical and engineering services and projects including the overhaul and export of train carriages to Syria, Bangladesh, Sudan and Cuba.

The bank has also helped develop major projects in Cuba including the building of sewage pumping station and water treatment facilities there.

Based on the report, EDBI has so far earmarked around €200 million loans for development of various projects in Cuba.

I also wonder exactly what those other “various projects” are that the Mullahs are funding.

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  1. Orlando: Perhaps making Cuba part of the moslem world. Remember when fidel sent thousands of men as cannon fodder to Africa to expand the “Soviet sphere” ? He justified it invoking Cuba’s deep African heritage. Some bought it, and liberals worldwide applauded it. Now imagine Raula surrounded by Mullahs smilingly accepting their assistance. Next thing you know, the wisdom of Muhammed will be spread throughout the island; all the time reminding the people that they are descendants of Spain, which was moslem for 800 years and they are merely redeiscovering and celebrating their ancient heritage. The Communist party will unanimously support this along with UNESCO, US liberals, etc. OMG-this has potential!

  2. Well, at least I didn’t get to the part where el Colegio Belen could be converted to the first madrassa in Latin America or how Cuban suicide bombers wuold blow themselves up for a chance to leave Cuba and for the 21 pounds of rice and beans thir familes would receive for their sacrifice.

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