135 Million Dollar Man


If you want to get a taste of the real Miami and not some trumped up, car chasing, gun fighting bullets flying all over the place Hollywood portrayal of the Magic City featuring big time stars that wouldnt know the difference between Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, then you need to see “Quick Pick“. The real Miami, the heart of this city, are guys like Eddie, the film’s main character. He’s not rich. He doesnt drive a Hummer. He doesnt live in a McMansion with servants and gardeners.

Eddie is just a guy like any other, struggling to survive, trying to make ends meet and working for a better life. He’s far from perfect, but you cant help but love the guy. Even with all the knocks life gives him, Eddie has time for a smile. Eddie has time to watch the game with his buddies. He’s the kind of guy that says “good morning” to complete strangers.

Chances are you wouldnt find Eddie at some posh club on the beach or sipping champagne before a $200 meal at some trendy restaurant. You wouldnt see him in the Social Pages donning a an Armani tux. No.

You’d see Eddie at your local convenience store where you buy your cigarettes every day. Or at la Cafeteria’s lunch counter where Maruca the waitress calls you “Mijo.” You’d recognize Eddie at your local watering hole, maybe share a beer or two and a game of pool.

Eddie, and by proxy, his friends and cohorts are the real Miami, full of good and bad, highs and lows. They’re the guys that work behind the city scenes, away from the limelight, keeping Miami afloat in the neon sea that Hollywood makes this city out to be. For every multi-millionaire supermodel on South Beach, there’s a thousand Eddies in Hialeah and Medley and Westchester, living unglamorous and unheralded lives, yet always there when you need them. Ready with a smile, a good joke and a six pack.

If you get a chance this weekend, drop by Cocowalk and check out Quick Pick. It’s not a megapicture or a million dollar blockbuster. But if you go with the understanding that this film is a labor of love with a budget of $25,000, you will have a few laughs and see the real Miami in all its stark naked, quirky glory.

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