When bad words are not enough

Read this and tell me if you do want to say, “[colloquilal expression for fornication] [personal pronoun] Gorbachev!” — among other choice words.

This load of [bovine excrement] from a Godless commie. We are living in strange and ironic times…

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  1. I’d like to say that, George, but I can’t. He’s right, thanks to 8 years of “Try this cigar on for size, Babe” Clinton.

    There’s a reason that everyone either wants to live in the US or is jealous of the US, and it’s the same reason.

    Let ’em be jealous. Is this a wonderful country, or what?

  2. George

    It’s curious how two of us read something and come to different conclusions. I think comrade gorbie has it right.

    We have over extended ourselves and are no longer dealing from a position of strength. Yes they hate us but they all like come and live with us.

    We have to stop being the policeman of the world and get back to our basic core values, small goverment, self-reliance, strong defense. let’s get our house in order before we start telling other how to run theirs.


  3. Are we under a no profanity rule or something? No one told me…so here is my reaction.

    That fucking commie bastard!! How much money have we poured into “Russia” since the iron curtain opened? Notice the timing of this comment…KGB style hits on an opposition journalist, creating a list of school children who have name that sound “Georgian”, a return to “psychiatric” detentions. And my personal numero uno canary test—orgies in Havana. Who was it who said the only good commie is a dead commie had it right. And, you know what, democracy, like life is messy. That doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

  4. First I would like to say that I think all you gents and Ladies @ Babaloo are great and all of you have my admiration!!!I have TWO questionS for RAY.
    1)Were do you live (state and city are enough)
    2)Have you ever served in our great country’s milatary(marines,army airforce ext)?

    GEORGE :
    ZIVA and I have had this conversation before .Gen. Patton screwed up by listening to those dumb asses in Washington.He should have kept rolling into Russia and finished them off.

    Ziva mi amor respira profundo y cuentas a dies.

  5. Forgive my transgressions my fellow babalusians, i didn’t realize i was agreeing with a commie, i thought i was reading what he wrote. There i go again using my rational thinking and making unpopular assertions, how foolish of me

    I go back to reading ayn rand? is she a commie she was born in russia


  6. PLP, yes i know another of my sins, i live in califonia with all the queers and liberals, there’s no hope for me. No i didn’t serve in the military though i got drafted in the vietnam war but my bad knee kept me out, how unamerican of me to have a bad knee, i guess that prevents me making assertions about what someone wrote.


  7. CO~NO RAY why won’t you answer me bro.I am not a regular poster @ Babaloo .Just a reader in the shadows thats more currios about you? Please Answer my questions.Maybe I can better understand your reasoning and debate with you in a civalized way.I live in the wild wild west(thats Arizona to you in case if your curios).

  8. That explains alot to me Ray .I am just a hop and skip from you in Cal.(1 1/2 hrs flight to be exact).I actually volinteered for 9 yrs in the Airforce to alow people like yourself that were medicaly incapasitated from joining to live a life of free speach and liberty.GOD BLESS THE U.S.A .You see Ray :I have been around this glob living in different countries for 20 years .Sometimes what you read and what you see are 2 diff. things.IF WE HAD TAKEN OUT RUSSIA WHEN WE HAD A CHANCE alot of the bullshit today would not have been happening.

  9. PLP, what i love about our country is that we have the freedom to think for ourselves and are able to express our thoughts without fear of reprisal. George posted an article by companero gorbachev, i read it and gave my opinion, forgive me but i don’t how the points you are making, relate to my original post, do you have disagreement with any of the points i made?

    And hey arizona we are neighbors, i love your state been there many times


  10. Well. I think I started another poo-poo storm.

    Let me make one thing clear so there is no anbiguity whatsoever. If a commie (and Gorbi is still one in his blood like Putin) say anything, I will anot believe the “ands” and the “thes” is their sentence. I am sorry, but an adherent to a philosophy that is responsible for 100,000,000 deaths in the 20th century just doesn’t merit my respect.

    Ray, I am not someone whois willing to listens to “both sides” of the argument when it comes to Communism (or Nazism or Fascism). Sorry. They are evil incarnate on Earth and the only slack I’m willing to give them is a quick death. It’s humorosly ironic that you mention Ayn Rand. I am a great admirer of her writings. If you read depper into her body of work, especially her non-fiction, you will find (maybe to your dismay) that she thought very much like me when it came to Communists.

    No quarter asked, no quarter qiven.

  11. companero gorbachev? ray George posted a blog on a fucking commie basterd thats a kgb prick !!No were did I read companero from George which means in spanish(comrade).Co~no acere yo se que hai caffee cubano en Cal. si no benga a mi casa que yo tengo.I feel your point about us needing to stop policeing is wrong.Let me explain to you.Its all about capatalism I lived around the world for 20 yrs .We do business all over the world .That is like telling your local bank to leave the vault open.We have to police to protect our interest.Get it companero!Hey Ray I have commie friends I am leading them to be good old fashioned capatalist.They are actually starting changing their commie ways due to fidels brain washing for 47 fucking years .If you need help Ray Im always here in the background to help.

  12. pgp and george: you guys have both come the errorneous conclusion that i’m advocating communism. i’m worried about you guys. what in my comments points you to that conclusion. if you read my posts you will see that i love the freedoms that we have in our country to express ourselves without fear of reprisal. i don’t see how that makes me a commie. Oh i get it i toyed with words i called gorbie a companero or i didn’t use enough odoriferous when i call his name.

    Now george if you are familar with ayn rand you know she a hated communism, and i let you know that i’m reading her work, i also let you know that i like the lyrics of the band rush. Now rush wrote an album call anthem, which was based on the work of ayn rand. the reason i done so you to give you a sense of where i’m comming from when i’m trying to make sense out of the nonsense that’s goes on world and put forth an opinion. from those clues that i given how do conclude that i’m lover communism is beyond me

    Now pgp let’s drink some guarapo and reason this out, where my friend in our constitution does it say that we are the policeman of the world? it looks to me that we are more like keystone cops or gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


  13. Ray, I know you’re not advoctaing Communism. I’m just a hard-liner when it comes to them. I don’t want listen to them, I don’t wnat to reason with them. I want them dead and gone. They are the political equivalent of ebola. The only way to deal with them is with strength and ruthlessness, not dialogue. I know you’re a reasonable person, but reason cannot be reciprocated with folks whose aim is to imprison and/or kill you. If Batista has executed fidel back in the 50s — which is what he should gave done — how different would the world be?

    (BTW, the same goes for the Islamic fascists, maybe double. They’re worse fanatics that the commies.)

  14. George, and observation without malicia. i see that we come a this from different perpectives. you don’t take time to smell the bull shit, in other words you declare it bs if it looks or sounds like bs. i in the other hand i have take a look it anlyze it, smell it, taste it ( ouch ) and then i declare it bull shit.


  15. Ah, the “voices of history” again. It is so amusing that people already want to write the epitaph of the 21st century and its first President. Kinda like they wanted to do the same with the guy Mister Gorbachev had his most famous dealings with.

  16. Ray,

    If, in the end, you realize it is BS…then wouldn’t it be better to get rid of it at the beginning and not after great damage has been done?

    Your reasoning doesn’t make any sense to me. I could NEVER listen to anything that someone like Gorby says…I consider the source and throw it away as a great stack of SH*T.

  17. Mavi, i’m just using bs as metaphor. you guys come at this things from a political perspective and i’m not as politcally savvy as you all. politics is big bore for me. i look at this things from my own individual philosophical perspective, when i post here i try to share with you what i think and how i arrived at those conclusions, i’m not trying to persuade or sell on my ideas. i like when you disagree with me because it makes think more and it forces me to consider me other points that may i have missed. feel free take my opinions and toss them in the bs bucket if you wish, yes i know i’m loone from califonia, there’s no hope for me.


  18. How can Gorbo comment on non-cooperation of the US? I’m looking at today’s headlines: “China, Russia Objections May Delay U.N North Korea Resolution”.

    All they have ever done is obstruct the U.S. at every turn, while arming our enemies to the teeth. The Cold War never ended, folks.

    And I spent a summer in Gorbo’s soviet union. That talentless buffoon couldn’t manage a porta-potty. What a loser.

  19. Ray,

    I respectfully disagree with you. Just to set you straight, I was born in Cuba, but I grew up in California. I went through my entire school and college career there and only moved to Florida a few years ago. So, for all intents and purposes, I’m a California Girl.

    I’m not trying to insult you, I’m just trying to figure out how you’ve come to your conclusions.

    Why would you listen to someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart and who you know has failed miserably in the past? That’s all I’m saying…consider the source and then go from there.

    I agree with Scott. The cold war has not really ended, especially not for the Ruskies. They still hate freedom and always will. Just my 2 cents.

  20. Oh and Ray…I love California. Most of the kooks are in the North. That being said, I think that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful Cities I’ve ever been to. I love it there. So you see,Ray; there is still hope for you 🙂



  21. Mavi: Let’s see if we can reason this one out, george posted an opinion by gorbie. I read the article and happen to agree with some of the points he made. then i posted my opinion on the points that i agreed with. you can read my post. From there on if you follow the thread, i was labeled a commie, then pgp asked what state i lived, i said california, i jockingly called gorbie a companero ( just a play on word ) i guess that explained to him why i concluded the way i did.

    Rest assured gorbie is not one my political heroes.

    What part of california are you from, i live in the riverside county area in southern california.


  22. Ray think about this: How can you agree with anythnng a man who is part of a party responsible for over 100 million deaths says? Do you understand the concept of bloody hands?

  23. Ziva you say: How can you agree with anythnng a man who is part of a party responsible for over 100 million deaths says? Do you understand the concept of bloody hands?

    Ok let’s see let say gorbie says i believe the sky is blue. Should i disagree with that because he’s a commie. What i’m missing


  24. Ray:
    guarapo is just fine(67ave and camelback -my habana market-is the name)
    now for point #1:if I use words in my conversation that leads people to think that I am tight with Gorbachev(comrade)that leads me to think you affiliate with that form of government.
    point #2:being one of the super powers in the world and due to keeping other countries in check that want to DESTROY us .We need to be heavily involved and as far as being keystone cops not shooting straight (thats because the politicians have our boys in uniform hands tied ).This I know for a fact.Not enough ground troops from the begining (in Afganistan and Iraq).Ray you really need to get out more and live around the world not a vacation(the grass is not always greener in other pastures and you can’t get this from a book or the msm).Don’t fret Ray !I know there is hope for you.Keep on coming back.Maybe one day Ziva ,Orlando,AM and Mora,Mavi and many more can get together and have a re-union.

  25. PLP: you are from arizona the home state of barry goldwater, what would barry say about this current crew? He being the father of conservative movement

    Now if you say there’s hope for me, ok i can’t argue with that hope is good! You are not a preacher are you? The deity gave up on me a long time ago

    As far a getting together that’s would be totally cool, i don’t know if you guys can put it with me for more than 5 minutes

    67ave and camelback, that’s phoenix, been there many times. my favorite part of az is sedona


  26. Ray, you said, “[I]’m not as politcally savvy as you all. [P]olitics is big bore for me.” No offense inetended with what I am about to ask you, but given your statement how can you intelligently comment on the opinions of a leading “political” leader? I know you are trying to be true to libertarian beliefs, but it just does not work in the real world. In the real world there are evil people who will try to kill, maim, subjugate, or imprison you — simply because of what you believe. How can you be reasonable with them? Gorbi was the leader of a country that “perfected” a philosophy that killed tens and tens of millions. Wake up! Reasoning and negotiating with your enemy always leads to losing. You are naively, desperately wrong in even trying to find common ground between you and them. It’s the illusion they want to create. Don’t be suckered in by it.

  27. Ray, here’s a message from PLP, he meant to say 59th & Camelback. He just hopped on a plane but don’t worry, not to Ca.

  28. George, i feel like i have vertigo, i’m not in bed with gorbie, i think i’m old enough to think myself and where i can have an opinion, the last i checked 18 was the legal age of reason, i’m way pass that. Ok let’s take gorbie out the equation like tony soprano says forget about it!!

    I’m pasting what i said in my original post

    “”We have to stop being the policeman of the world and get back to our basic core values, small goverment, self-reliance, strong defense. let’s get our house in order before we start telling other how to run theirs””

    Does this have anything to do with being a commie? I failed to see the link between my opinion and what you think i said or believe.

    No more gorbie please, I hate the man now. Where i’m going wrong?


  29. Ray,

    I grew up in Southern Ca. (in the Hawthorne, Torrance area.) I’ve lived all over L.A. and Orange County. But the last place where I lived was in Moorpark in Ventura County. It was just beautiful there.

    Cuidate Chico. You’re not going wrong…you’re on the right track.



  30. Mavi

    Before i moved to the inland empire, i lived in simi valley, westlake village for many years, i ‘m very familiar with moorpark, the conejo valley!!

    small world


  31. Ray,

    Wow, it is a small world! I loved it there, the hills were beautiful and I liked going to the beach in Oxnard. It was a good mix of small city and rural areas. I hear that it has changed a lot. I haven’t been there in 8 years. But I have many fond memories associated with that area.

  32. i lived in simi in the wood ranch, right across the reagan library, you are right very nice it’s grown a bit.

    I now live near the wine country in temecula

    i like to get you guys going with the california thing. I think you probably figure out by now, i have warped sense of humor, politics and religion don’t go well with me. you guys get brain going!!! It’s all good!


  33. mavi i was born, in marianao cuba. my parents sent me over here in 61 through a catholic a refugee progam, i spent some time in miami in a camp in the kendall area and then end it up montana with a amerian foster family and then joined my parents in california in 66. that should give you and idea of my confused state of mind


  34. Ray,
    We need more open minded people like you. I live in L.A. and despite what the narrow minded people think, this is the place to be!!
    Have you gone to the: ¡Azúcar! The Life and Music of Celia Cruz exhibit at the California African American Museum?

    I wonder why they started the tour in Los Angeles first and not Miami? Maybe it’s because Pedro Knight lives here now.

  35. Ray,

    Thanks for answering. I don’t think you have a confused mind. And, yes I see that you do have a warped sense of humor!

    It is just good to know where people are coming from. I came with my family straight to California in 1966 too.

    Take Care 🙂

  36. CACubano

    I wasn’t aware of the exhibit, where is it at?

    where in la you live? I considered living in florida but those huricanes every year, i take my chances with the earthquakes. I think us loonie californians have a different take on things.


  37. Ray I’m a Californian and while we might agree on some issues, my “take on things” is very different than yours.

  38. Ray, “[n]o more gorbie please, I hate the man now.” That’s a good start.

    Ray, we do have an obligation to the world to be the policeman. If we do not do it, who do you think will? France? Saudi Arabia? Russia? Communist China? I know you mean well and you’re heart is in the right place, but I can’t believe you are that naive about the dangerous world we live in.

  39. George

    You say we have an obligation to the world? I’m not familiar with that idea in the consitution. What happen to an obligation to our citizens

    I wonder where the world is going to be when we retire and there’s no money to pay for our social security. I didn’t see the world comming to our aid to fix our leavees in New Orleans. As taxpayer i like to see our goverment taking care of business here at home maybe like protecting our borders and ports that would be good start. What about enforcing the immigration laws that already in the books. What About improving our eduction system so our children can compete in this global economy.

    Charity begins at home


  40. One more thing george, no more yankee pitchers flying into high rises in new york, that one make me feel really secure. Imagine that plane being loaded with chemicals

    I think an ideology like radical islam can not be fought with might. Good luck, are we going to bomb england and france that’s full of those radical islamic folks.

    just tyring to use a little common sense


  41. Ray, I can’t disagree with you on any of the ills you mention. I will remind you, though, that the education system has been fucked up by 40 years of liberal policies. Here are some pointed questions that will tell you (and me) whether you are truly a libetarian. Answer yes or no and then explain the reason for your answer.

    Are you in favor of the abolishment of the Dept of Education and return of the school districts to local control?

    Are you in favor of stopping all illegal immigration, regardless of the steps necessary to accomplish those goals?

    In regards to immigration, are you ready to abolish Federal and State entitlement programs that accrue to illegal immigrants?

    Are you prepared to take whatever action is needed to ensure that our borders are safe, including a suspension of posse comitatus?

    Are you prepared to take to the airwaves and yell at the top of your lungs that New Orleans was a disaster precisely because liberal socialist policies created two generations of folks addicted to entitlements that neither wished nor wanted to fend for themselves?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in agreement with me.

    Where I vehemently disagree with the LP, and libertarians in general, is their naive need for isolationism. It happened in the 30s and it’s happening again now. If we do not take pro-active and pre-emptive action in the parts of the world that pose a clear and present danger to this country, then we are doomed. Doomed to sit back until the shit hits the fan and then lament about “how could this have happened?” Not me.

  42. George, my answer is yes on all of them, small goverment, self reliance, strong defense that’s what’s all about. I call myself a liberterian for lack of better label. I use to be a conservative until the relgious folks took over. i don’t want the goverment defining what is sin for me. if the gays marry go ahed they are no threat to my freedom. if a woman wants to have an abortion, is up to her and conscience. the government has no business in those areas.

    As far who to blame, i blame the whole bunch liberals, social conservatives, liberal judges, american civil liberties union. If this politidans were working for a corparation all this guys would have been fired for non-performance.

    we work hard for our money, this guys are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they are not looking for us.

    The only thing we don’t agree is about being the policeman of the world. I just not feeling too compasionate now days for the world.

    Hey add to the list of ill oil-addiction, it seems to me that if brazil can run all their car ethanol, why can’t we.

    I’ll stop for now and feel the love comming


  43. To think we squandered the opportunity to liquidate TWO poisonous regimes and death-worshipping cultures in 1945…the world would have been spared a lot of misery – there would have been no need for glasnost and/or perestroika; the Russian people would have been liberated from the political and cultural straitjacket they’ve been chafing under for hundreds of years.

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